Teacher's Name: ________Anthony M. DiRienzo____           Observer: ________

Class Taught: _________EDU 255_____               Date: ___12/3/10_____________

Lesson Focus: ______________Sport Stacking_______________________

Directions: Write down the statements the teacher makes to the entire class, not to groups or individuals, about motor skills - not about behavior or management. At times you may need to abbreviate but try to capture the intent of the meaning. When the lesson is over, classify each statement as informing (task), extending (tasks), refining (cues), or applying (challenges), then graph the statements in the order in which they occur.

Example: 1. Throw the ball at a target on the wall (Inform)

1. Reset the timer (Inform)

2. Have hands on the side of the cups (Refining)

3. Have a soft touch (Refining)

4. Up stack a 3-3-3 (Inform)

5. Down stack your 3-3-3 (Inform)

6. Up stack a 3-6-3 (Inform)

7. When you move the cups be smooth (Refining)

8. Feel the cups (Refining)

9. Have 3 cups in right hand and 2 in left hand (Refining)

10.When down stack use skier hands (Refining)

11. Down stack your 3-6-3 (Inform)