Accidental Bliss

by Kara

On the thirtieth day of imprisonment, Luna sat on her rear end staring blankly at her wardrobe. It wasn’t a pony-like way to sit however after thirty days she had managed to amass a particularly comfortable mound which was excellent for sitting. She had pondered about the fantastical utility she had gained from the dirt for hours the day before, and it suddenly dawned upon her that she, in fact, hated her custom seat more than anything else in her entire world. Given the short supply of things in general, that put the poor mound at spot number 8; the least liked object within a hundred miles. In a fit of frustration the exiled princess stomped out her crafted masterpiece and sat at the opposite end to once again observe her supply of clothing. “Oh!” she muttered, “don’t give me that look,” as she decided to shun the outline of her old mound.

The aforementioned supply consisted of items 7, 6, 5, and 4 on the list of things, but that wasn’t to imply that she was fond of the fourth. This was another trouble that often plagued her mind. With such a short supply of things it was hard to put things on the bottom. Her eyes narrowed as she mulled over the conundrum of lists. Upon recounting her list, as she had grown accustomed to doing every few minutes, she realized, in horror, that she had only exemplified the problem with the destruction of number 8.

In a hurried panic Luna rushed over to her table rock. It was a solid table; probably the best thing on the moon after Luna herself. Sometimes it was even better. What she liked most about the rock was that it was always dusty, and could thus function as the perpetual paper on which to record her thoughts.

The princess raised her front hooves and began to calculate her losses into numbers, and drew the numbers in a large, hoof-written font. She pursed her lips… drew them back…. stuck out her tongue… whatever it took to make sure that whoever might possibly be watching could tell that she was doing something difficult and productive. After a minute of close-eyed concentration, Luna managed to calculate a demoralizing loss of 12.5%. Exactly one eighth of all things she had in her possession. “How could this have happened?!” the pony cried as she sobbed onto her rock.

In an hour the moon’s favorite resident had regained her composition and was once again strictly focused on the day’s priorities. She stood over her wardrobe for the third time today; refusing to acknowledge the resting place of item number 8. In her heart she felt sorry for poor number 8 and wished she could move it higher, but that would ruin the integrity of her listing.

Luna peered down at her clothes and was forced to look away. Her left eye slid shut into disbelief as the other twitched in denial. “I hate socks.” She concluded, and fell down on her face. The tip of her nose lay just a few inches from the objects she cursed.

In front of Luna lay items 7, 6, and 4. Number 5 had apparently decided that she was too good for the moon and had abandoned the rest, never to be seen again. It seemed rational to Luna who could think of no other explanation for the betrayal of her footwear.

More time drifted by. It didn’t even matter how much but when the moment of sadness for number 8 had dissipated, and the moment of ruing the loss of number 5 had passed, Luna returned to her most important task for the time being. She returned to her table, her lovely number 2, and calculated her day’s losses. The loss of number 5 brought her down to a mere six items. 1/7 of her ENTIRE collection; 14.28% (and rounded down of all things!). Factoring in the earlier loss of number 8, that was a heart wrenching loss of 25% for the day. Her mind fluttered into resignation and accepted that she might as well let go. At the current rate her things would be gone in just 3 days. “Three days! Oh what a world!...”

The next day was the last day of the month, and it began like all others. She woke up with a smile as she hurried to visit number 2. There wasn’t space for a proper calendar but writing the days left in big bold letters was always encouraging.  However, at this point she couldn’t help but feel lessened when that awful number grew to be 5 digits longer than she had dreamt of the night before.

But today was different in that it was a mile stone. The first month, finally completed and only… well… only a lot more to go. But she didn’t think about that. It was the first month and that was important. Despite the dreary world around her, she felt that today would be something special. She felt as if the planets were all aligned to give her a fresh start if such a thing were possible.

As things were, if a pony on the other side of the moon had happened to look up, she would have seen that the planets were, in fact, aligned in a perfect pattern that built a colorful line of celestial bodies targeted right at the moon. It was because of this that Luna felt a brilliant tinkle of magic spitting from the tip of her horn. In a jump of glee Luna excitedly jumped up to test if such a thing could be true. “I thought Tia had taken my magic away!” she mused, “but it’s right here…!” She couldn’t help but break out into one of her first smiles in a long time and fired a spark off into the air to see its whitish glow light up the moon.

Giggling like a young filly, Luna set about brightening her domain so that it would be a shining land just like Canterlot had been. She danced around and filled the tips of dirt mounds with sparkles brighter than she had ever managed to do back in Equestria. Before long Luna had made her small area of the moon into a sparkling paradise. The dirt sparkled, the sky sparkled, and the transient dress of sparkles she made sparkled like nothing else in the world. It was then that Luna remembered that she had other spells too which she pranced around trying to remember.

Unlike before she wasted no time trying to deceive her non-existent onlookers and raced her mind to try and find some of her old favorites. But every time she remembered a happy trick, the thought began with “I could make somepony…” and ended with “oh…”

The giddy pony then sat down with her mouth trembling as she wondered if her magic might not make a difference. But just before the sparks of light could fade around her they erupted into more brightness as she came up with the most fantastic idea she’d ever had. “I’ll just MAKE some friends! It’s so simple!” she exclaimed, and so her task began.

“I need a pot” was the first idea that swum through her mind. Most magic could be done from the heart but for this she thought a nice fixture would be good for this special job. But, as one could have predicted, Luna had no pot so she settled on carving a chunk out of her beloved number 2 and crating a makeshift oven.  She filled the oven with the cleanest rocks she could find and skipped around has her horn lit them up in blue flame. She sat back on her rear, now realizing the great the full extent of the loss that was her seat mound, and stood up while the rocks became hot.

When all was ready she took a lump of soft dirt and made it workable with her hooves and her magic. She happily set about shaping the mixture of mud and clay into something that she hoped would resemble another pony. But after many hours of work and failures the best she could manage was a lump atop four stumps that resembled legs. The head was even less distinct.

Before putting her… interesting creation inside the oven she paused to consider what might happen if she gave life to a hideous being like what the clay resembled. “Oh, but I wouldn’t mind! We all have our flaws… and besides! My magic is powerful enough to fix it up!” she reasoned aloud. In a mix of naïve optimism and desperation she convinced herself that this was true and squished the creation into the oven. To her dismay the creation failed to fit inside the oven and when it was finally shoved inside the head fell down from the shoulders. In a moment of panic for her inanimate friend Luna shut the door tightly and looked around for any witnesses. She strained to see if anyone might have seen her crime breathed heavy gasps as she closed her eyes. When no horrid accusations arrived she jumped back and stared at her creation, longing desperately for it to come to life. In a moment of weakness Luna shut her eyes cried “Ah! I can still fix it!” and with a little tear of emotion, let her magic surge toward the oven and create whatever life form it may be.

Like a baked good the hand crafted friend bubbled a little bit and inflated as if filled with yeast. But, instead of forming a beautiful sculpture of ponykind it fell apart into several separate blocks. The blobs of mud which had just begun to sprout the bright colors Luna wished for sizzled into gelatinous pieces that could never make anything remotely ponylike. Luna cried at the loss of her friend, for it was surely too late to save it. Even more horrible was the feeling of loss as the planets slowly shifted out of balance. Although she didn’t not why, her magic was fading out and the sparkles were losing their ebullient glow.

The tearful Luna fled from her oven and left all that she had, all 5 of her prized possessions, and looked for a lonely uncomfortable rock to sit on until Death could be so kind as to take her. It was too much for the rejected princess. She left her hoofmade home and did her best to not look back. When she found a rough patch of pointy rocks she laid down on the bed she believed that she deserved. At this point she may have even killed her only friend before birth. What a monster she could be.

When she awoke the next day Luna was cold, hungry, and sockless. The hunger was a perpetual problem up on the moon but she could not help but accept that there was only one remedy to the other two. In a down trodden trot she made her way back to her usual spot. She knew because it was directly opposite the light of the sun, which she preferred not to see when possible. There was a comfort in living on the dark side of the moon because it hid her from the sight of her sister and whatever ponies may be looking up spitefully at her. It was better to hide from view.

She kicked up rocks and dirt as she walked. There was still a little bit of magic left in her horn but the dullness of her mood kept it out of her reach. Many thoughts dripped out of her mind. They were mainly vain hopes of trying again and recursive flashes of self doubt that would ultimately forbid her from any attempt. “A thousand years is too short” she thought, not wanting to think about the righteous punishment.

When at last she met familiar dirt and came upon her home she went back to her table and dragged her hoof up to write in the day’s count. She stopped after marking the third “9” in her tally and slouched against the table instead. It didn’t seem worth it. To think she had celebrated a month, and wasted the one chance at magic she might ever have again.

But before Luna could lament any further she looked upon her wardrobe and was forced to jump to action. “Hey!” she yelled “Where are numbers si- I mean my socks! Where are my socks!?” She trampled the ground furiously in excitement looking for the socks. Her emotions had built up for a long enough time that she decided a public rant was worthwhile, even if the possible onlookers had to see it. “This can’t be!” she screamed at the stars. “There is no wind! There are no ponies! There is nothing in this entire moon! How can my things disappear! It is not possible!”

The angry princess trampled the ground in large circles and even went as far as to dig in search of her lost hoof attachments. But it was all to no avail and the princess was forced to accept that her treasured, but hated socks were gone for good. In her rage she managed to let out a bit of that bottled up magic and destroyed her oven; her precious table, her faithful number 2.

It took Luna a brief moment to comprehend what she had just done before she was struck with the severity of her actions. She galloped at full speed and rushed to the aid of her favorite thing but there was nothing she could do. It had been cracked in half by a bolt of lightning and was only falling apart into blocky, charred chunks. Luna’s eyes watered up once more as she buried her head inside her old table. As her nose reached the bottom of the oven shaft she felt a tingling against her nose and could not help but pull back and sneeze. It seemed so inappropriate to sneeze at a moment like this but Luna could no longer care for such paranoid ideas. She once again placed her head into the table to cry, and met with the same fate. Her nose was tickled and then flicked with dirt which sent her back sneezing. When she recovered once more she looked down curiously to see what had caused this and saw a small sphere of her shade of blue. She curiously looked at the funny looking thing until it occurred to her in a sickening moment that it was the corpse of her would be friend. She squeaked out an “oh my god” before reaching in with her front hooves to cradle the little blue orb. As she turned it around, Luna met with the first friend she had had in a long time.

It opened its pure green eyes and then managed to form a mouth which smiled brightly at her. Luna was so surprised that she dropped the newfound creature before she could take in what it might be. As it fell she cursed herself again and threw herself, unnecessarily hard, and landed in a hard thud to catch the strange little cutie. But again the oddball had more surprises as it sprouted wings and fluttered gently above where Luna would have caught it. It hovered over slowly to Luna’s face and rubbed against her cheek happily as if they had been lifelong friends.

To Luna there could have been no greater thing in the world as she swooped up what we would now acknowledge as the world’s first parasprite and hugged it under her neck as hard as she could without hurting the tiny thing. She beamed a bright smile and gave the little guy a smooch on the head. Forgetting the loss of her table, and socks, and mound, Luna let her new found friend fly up in the air as she galloped in circles around it, and eventually fluttered a bit to join it in the air. It had been a long time since she had flown. As the fears of eternal lonesomeness left her mind she nestled once more with the blue critter and descended to the ground. “I love you!” she exclaimed at the little thing and kissed it again on its tiny face. When she looked up and opened her eyes, she saw the most amazing, wonderful thing that she had dreamt of for weeks. Far off in the distance were four similar shapes flying around, playing with Luna’s socks. They had all four, even the one that had gone missing before the whole event! To see those socks again was yet another dream come true. She couldn’t deny. She loved those socks.

As the exhilarated Luna sped toward the four other parasprites she made little jumps and dances along the way. There was a red one, an orange one, a green one and another blue like her. They all floated gently toward her and greeted her warmly with the same affection as the first. Luna accepted the affection and returned it five-fold as she gathered them all into a single bunch and kissed it incessantly with friendly love. The Luna colored Parasprite with the sock nudged her by the side and offered back one of her socks but the happy pony smiled and let her newfound friend keep it instead. In a heartwarming manner each of the other parasprite did the same offer in an ordered manner which Luna delighted in, treating each encounter as a new and wonderful experience.

When the ownership of the socks was made clear the six of them set out for a day of play. They raced and flew and danced all day. Most important were the hugs which Luna openly accepted and encouraged from the balls of cuteness. Luna even ventured out into the warmth of the sun during their play as if to show everyone in Equestria that she had made most fabulous friends in the world. She danced a silly dance as she jumped from hoof to hoof and eventually lay down in the warmth of the sun she had so long been hiding from.

She took the five of her parasprite friends into another collective hug and offered more kisses and affection when suddenly one of them grew bloated and sick. The terrified princess let them all go and treasured the one who appeared in discomfort. In a heartbeat she drew a tear to her eye as she was afraid of losing what she had just gotten. It was one of her colored parasprites, and that only made it more special to her.

The parasprite looked awful but only for a moment. In the next it expelled its load of brown mush into Luna’s face. The concerned princess barely acknowledged the disturbance and kept an open mouthed, open eyed stare at the critter the whole time; even when brown sludge splattered upon her nose. Ignoring the mess she wiped it aside and caressed her precious friend who seemed to be ok and was then greeted by the day’s sixth friend. This one was brown but it followed all of the procedures in its snuggly greeting. Luna could only stare at the two parasprites next to her as the rest of them swarmed her into another cuddly hug. “Oh my god… you’re a friend that makes more friends! You are the perfect friend!” she exclaimed. She was so happy with her parasprites. “I’m going to call you all Cutie-Loves! Because everypony should have a wonderful thing like you! Surely the other ponies will agree!”

Luna spent the rest of the day naming her new friends, and bonding with them as much as she could. There was no end to the affection which the Cutie-Loves, as she called them offered. At the day’s end she smiled, somewhat sadly and kissed one of her favorites, a blue one, goodbye on a long journey down to Equestria to share that warmth and kindness that she had found in a single day. But it was a happy sadness because she knew it would do more good for others like her. With her favorite new friends, Princess Luna decided that it was time to start a new home that was more welcoming and bright. She chose a spot in the sun this time so that she wouldn’t need to be so cold all the time, and could view the life down on Equestria from time to time. In the bright sunlight she easily found a table just as good, if not better than the one before! But it wouldn’t make her list anymore, not with all of her wonderful new buddies. Just before going to bed Luna decided that it would be a good idea to remake a new mound to sleep and sit on. One that was bigger and better than her last of course. This time it would need to be much larger. This time she was not so alone on the surface of the moon. With this in mind, Luna smiled and drifted into a deep, peaceful sleep. For the first time in a long time, she dreamt not of the eventual release, nor of finding some miracle. She dreamt of the happy life that she knew she would have for the years to come and looked forward to it on every single occasion.