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September, 2011

To whom it may concern:

I played water polo for four years and Tulane University before I moved to Pittsburgh one year ago for a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Pittsburgh.  I found out about the week-long community water polo clinic at the Ammon pool through the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club online board.  I was very excited to come out and throw a ball around, as I've been dying to play since moving to Pittsburgh.  I think that water polo is just hands down the most fun sport out there.

The water polo clinic was really fun.  It was mostly kids around the ages 10-16 years, and a mixture of other people as well.  Mark Rauterkus, who was coaching, was super enthusiastic and encouraging to all levels.  Further, I was very impressed with the Ammon facility.   I think water polo is something that doesn't get enough exposure in Pittsburgh; for example, whenever I brought a ball to swim with at the Highland Park pool this summer, I always had adults and kids alike asking me questions about basic polo skills and how one gets started playing.  This clinic was a great experience for just that and I hope it continues in future years.

Sarah Lukens, PhD.

University of Pittsburgh

Department of Mathematics