Geography Survey

Name: _______________________________

How well do you know where you live? Test your knowledge by completing the following survey. Fill in the blanks or choose the best answer. Each question is worth 5 points. The last question is worth 10 points. After we have gone over the right answers, add up how many points you earned and write the total at the bottom. Good Luck!

1. I live in or near a:  (circle one)   small town          big city         suburban town         _______

2. What COUNTY do you live in? ____________________________                          _______

3. What state do you live in? _______________                                                              _______

4. What is the capital of your state? __________________                                             _______

5. The area where I live enjoys ___________  different seasons?                                   _______

6. The nearest major river to your home is the___________________.                           _______

7. The nearest ocean to your home is the _______________________.                         _______

8. What COUNTRY do you live in? ___________________________                         _______

9. The CONTINENT you live on is __________________________.                            _______

10. The region of the country you live in is:  (circle one)                                                _______

 northeast        southeast       Midwest          pacific  

11. You live in the _______________ hemisphere.   (choose one)                                _______

        Eastern                     Western

12.  You live in the _________________ hemisphere.  (choose one)                            _______

        Northern                  Southern

13.  The direction you live from the equator is________________.                               _______

14.  The direction you live from the prime meridian is____________________.            _______

15.  What are the SIX states that border South Dakota?                                                 _______

                                                                                  Total: ___________