Ask the Public: Best Invention?

***Introduction: In the Mesopotamia unit, we learn about four inventions that Mesopotamia came up with that are still used in our world today. These four inventions are four of the most important inventions the world has. However, since Mesopotamia existed, many, many other fascinating and important things have been invented. Has something better been invented since Mesopotamia? For this unique assignment, we are going to see what people think as far as the most important thing ever invented.

***Task: You will be interviewing 5 people about what they think is the most important invention ever made.

Details on the people you interview:
1. The people you interview MUST be at least 25 years or older.  

2. You can only interview ONE person related to you and ONE person that works at the school. The other three people cannot be related to you or work for Brandon Valley School district. If a relative works at one of the Brandon schools, then that would count for both “family” and “school worker” so you would have to interview four more people that are neither related to you or works for BV.

3. Be very respectful when you are interviewing these people. Be confident and don’t act scared.

Details on the interview:

1. At the beginning of the interview, explain to the person that we are learning about four major inventions in our social studies unit of “Mesopotamia.” Explain to them what the four inventions are and why they are important. (Wheel, money, writing, & irrigation) VERY IMPORTANT PART!

2. Next, interview the person with the questions below. Record their answers in your notebook or use the “Interview Sheet” I have attached.

3. Make sure you “thank” the person when you are done and tell them that you really appreciate it. VERY IMPORTANT!

        Questions for interview

        1. Of the four major inventions of Mesopotamia, which do you think is MOST important? Why?

        2. Of the four major inventions of Mesopotamia, which do you think is LEAST important? Why?

        3. What do you think are the 3 MOST important inventions of all-time? Explain the reasons for

 your top 3.         

4. Out of all the things that have been invented in the world, which do you think is the most

UNNECESSARY? Meaning, the invention that you think makes us more lazy, less productive,

makes things worse, or just there’s no point to it overall,  etc.  (example: Reality TV shows.

People spend a lot of time watching this ‘unreal’ stuff (myself included) and perhaps the time could better be spent reading, being creative, making something, etc.)  

Details for this Assignment

1. This project is DUE: October 18th, 2011 in class

2. This project is worth 50 points

 --50 points for typing your project (10 points per person). Each person you interview gets their own page.

--40 points for hand-writing your project.

3. Make a cover page for this project. On the cover page, you should have the following: Name of project, name of class, your name and date.

4. We are going to use all the data to make some graphs, so be sure to do quality work!