Beginning packet due 10/29/09

First quarter Ceramics Evaluation  Ms. Heideman  MSHS



Please attach your notes that describe all the projects you have done this quarter.  Please put the grade you received on the line.

____ Pinch – 9/23/10

_____coil – 10/1/10

_____soft slab – 10/8/10

_____firm slab – 10/15/10

_____cylinder – 10/29/10

_____choice – 10/29/10

_____any extra credit

On the back of this page write a brief description of your efforts in the class. This should include your work towards learning craftsmanship and good ceramic techniques, your work around the shop and your openness to learning new ideas and techniques. The more specific you are the better. Also, if necessary list projects that either are not finished or have failed for one reason or another. If you feel that your finished projects do not reflect your efforts please state why you believe so.

Your efforts on this written evaluation, including your notes will affect your grade. A poor job on this or failure to turn it in with notes can drop your grade significantly.