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Hi, my name is _______________________  



I am ____years old and attend _____________________  school.   I’m just a regular kid, but what really makes me special is that I have diabetes.  I need to figure out every day how to take care of myself since my pancreas doesn’t work like other people who don’t have diabetes.


There is a special camp held at the Y-Camp in Boone, Iowa called Camp Hertko Hollow that is just for kids with diabetes.  I want to attend this summer so that I can meet other kids just like me.  I’ll also learn more about taking insulin shots, doing blood tests, counting carbs, and how exercise helps.  I know I’ll have a ton of fun since the camp has fun activities like canoeing, swimming, archery, a climbing wall, crafts, and horseback riding (one of my favorites!).  There’s also a really huge slide at the pool.


Last year over 380 kids with diabetes were registered for Camp Hertko Hollow with the help of persons just like you.  Won't you please consider helping me?  The  fee is $800  for a club to sponsor a child for the entire week, but I appreciate any help you can give.   Thanks a lot  !




Please call my parents _________________ at _______________ to let them know if you can help.



Camp Hertko Hollow has been operating since 1968 and draws kids from all over Iowa and surrounding states.  The staff includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, health field students, and counselors who volunteer their time to help kids with diabetes.  This is an excellent opportunity for children with diabetes to spend a week together, make new friends and learn to manage this chronic disease.  For more information contact our office at 515-471-8523 or view our website:  www.CampHertkoHollow .Mail donations to Camp Hertko Hollow, 101 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309.   Include the name of the child you wish to sponsor.