Every day we get the same question from everyone.

“How are you?”

How do you answer to that question?

If you feel bad, you would say “ hm, actually I am not feeling good and I am so tired...”?

It is easy to say “ I am good, thanks” even though you are not good and that is the way I usually do. I don’t want to ruin other people’s day by sharing my bad feeling. Then how can we express our mental status in a gentle way? And also helpful to manage our stress.

When I am under stress, I can feel that there is something bothers me in my mind but is you are not that carefully looking into your mind, it is easy to overlook it and also easy to be overlooked by your people.  

Sigh is a behavior of exhaling depressedly.That represents you are under stress or there is something you are worrying or it is an expression of your sorrow.  If we can get to know how much sigh we had in a day and express that in a fun way, would it be better to manage our stress?

Goal : manage your stress by breathing sigh.

Sub goals: express your stress level in a fun way and try to switch to social level.

Sigh can be measured by :

co2 density / shaking / air collected / chest movement

inflatable bubble



scene 1

mundane ‘How are you’ scenes

-how are you?( friends) -i am good,thanx

-how are you? ( )

-how are you? (in the cafe) -good,thanx


problem state

in the stressful situation,

how to express your stress

scene 3

//use case

3-1someone wears sigh cloud t shirt



reading a book -> sigh

waiting for elevator(seeing watch:being late) -> sigh

watching lots of bills -> sigh


self notification

3- 4

friends start to pay attention to the cloud

Interact with someone.

What’s wrong with the cloud?




Scene 4 ( animation )

explanation of the system and feedback system

how it works.

sigh : chest movement : detect: inflate : self notification : move to social level : social interaction

how it effects on human mental health


For this system, 2 behaviors needed.

Sigh (myself)

natural behavior vs. intent behavior

     exhale to reduce stress? or to express stress? or naturally?

Hug (other people)

It is not a new behavior but the trigger is gonna be different and the purpose,too.

When do you hug other people?

Aware the logic of the system-> willing to reduce other people’s stress( visually deflate the tube)->HUG

/next steps/

I’d love to make a working prototype and make a video of this system. To make a working prototype, it needed a small inflator and I have to figure out how to embed the system into t-shirt.

The alternative way could be a self inflatable system by using straw.