2 X 4 Visual Summary - Genetic Variation


Your teacher will assign your group a concept of natural selection & genetic variation you learned about in your homework.  These include: Genetic Variation, Competition, Natural Selection, Adaptation, and  Overproduction of Offspring.  You will then have two minutes to complete each of the tasks assigned below.  THIS ACTIVITY REQUIRES EVERYONE IS ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING - AVOID SITTING PASSIVELY.

1. Spend two minutes discussing what the term means, examples from the real world, and how it contributes to natural selection.  

2. As a group, spend two minutes creating a definition in your own words.  Record your vocabulary term and definition on your visual.

3. Spend two minutes creating a visual: drawings, concept map, or timelines.

4. Spend two minutes finishing your visual or practicing how you will present to the class (who will say which part, etc.).

Each team will have 30 seconds to present their visual to the class.



Missing elements listed in proficient.

Includes most of the following:

  • Works with group members by remaining positive
  • Does not distract others
  • Positively contributes to the group’s lab completion

Includes most of the following:

  • Student assists other group members as necessary