Interesting Resources for the English Language Learner

EFL=English as a Foreign Language  EFL students study English but live in an English-non-speaking country such as China, South Korea, and Japan.

ESL=English as a Second Language ESL students study English but live in an English-speaking country such as Ca

EIL=English as International Language This means English can or should be international language of government and  communication

ESP=English for Special Purposes  ESP students study English to use in a particular kind of job, such as tourist or travel English, medical or nursing English, business English, etc

EAL=English as an Additional Language  EAL students study English, but they already know 2 or 3 languages, so English is not a 2nd language, but it is an additional one.


Alphabet Intro & Easy Words


Dave’s ESL Cafe -- Links for students

*Free vocab. lessons

*Many Sorted Word Lists 

including 220 very easy words

including 570 academic words

Beginning 1000 from vovovovi (soon)

Mark Davies Frequency Dictionary Word frequency lists Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) : Mark Davies

* (I think his website has an error)

ESP (English for Special Purposes)


Reference and General Jumplist Sites

4 million Google links for “ESL reference” on grammar main page

E.L. Easton

(Mostly) Textual (blogs, etc)

About Bloglish

Buhay sa Korea

Jenkins Family online

Mama Jenkins (grandmother) 

Visual & Auditory (ie. video)

**Happy Slip

**The Daily English Show

Song Lyrics

Unnotated lyrics

Annotated lyrics

Learning Exchange

Pidgin English (Derivative Englishes)

Tok Pisin (national language of Papua New Guinea 파푸아 뉴 기니)

Simplified, global English

Globish   1500 words that everyone can learn and use and effectively communicate world-wide (idea of French man Jean-Paul Nerrière)

Watson Teacher’s card

...websites & books & tweets & blogs     

Tekkie stuff