Blog Discussion

This is an example of a student discussion thread on our closed NING social network.  The students are responding to this video which was posted on the NING by the teacher:  (note students names and profile pictures have been removed to protect privacy)

Student 1:

it was so cool and they tryed to build a spot for them to play. Then they went to semi final and it was a really inspring story.


I'm happy that so many students have watched this amazing video -- what's possible amazes me.

Student 2:

This was awesome!  They didn't let the fact they were on an island and floating village stop them from putting a team together and playing futbal/soccer.  They were creative, innovative, hard working persistent.  They did this even while that man was laughing and pointing evily at them.  They played on a surface that caused splinters, blisters and cuts.  Every time the ball went out of bounds they had to jump in the water to get it.  This would make me try harder to keep the ball in and maybe responsible for their fancy footwork.  They never gave up.  Even when they were down 2 to zip in the pouring rain.  They still had a plan and didn't give up.  Maybe I can put some ice up near Iceland and I'd have to improve my stick handling or jump in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean to get the puck.  I'd play with a special floatie puck so I wouldn't have to put on SCUBA gear every time it went off the ice.  I never knew the playing surface was called a "pitch".  Interesting video.  Thank you for sharing with me.

Student 3:

AWSOME!!! I'd LUV to play there on the flaoting field!!!

Student 4:

It's really cool. I like how the town pitched in to buy them uniforms. It's amazing how they made it to the semi-finals!

Student 5:

It was a really cool video! It's so sad some people let those boys down.


Isn't it amazing. Look what those children did to overcome a problem -- they used hard work and imagination. Let's see what everyone else thinks. Thanks for watching, Andy.

Student 7:

I liked the video. I can't believe they even made it to the Semi Final.