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This script is unique and has a lot of extra features now and I will continue to improve things for the members. Here’s all the information you need to know really, but if you don’t find your answer here please feel free to use the contact form.

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How things work.

Gold Member’s Sites for Rotation.

As a Gold member you get your sites seen/advertised FREE (of charge) in over 80+ other sites.

These are mainly Traffic Exchanges, and other places that admin see fit.

To have your sites placed in the special rotator you must have at least 15 credits assigned to that link/url otherwise it will not be shown.

This is all FREE for GOLD members ONLY that have at least 15 credits assigned to their links.

This feature is all done automatically by the script. The script will only show sites with 15+ credits assigned and from Gold Members accounts.(Click HERE to see what sites are inside the rotator, Members also promote our GM Rotator to earn credits with us)

Here is a list of some of the TE’s Gold members get their links Rotated in. (and getting bigger every week, if you see a site removed it means that I have stopped using them for whatever reason) -

+ ad co-ops

These are Just a few to mention, sites come and go unfortunately, so this list changes often.


You have a Branded Url Rotator and splash pages :-), This is FREE for the members to use. The script works automatically by taking your details from file and adding the details to the Rotator or Splash Pages provided.  All you need to do is Join with your Gravatar e-mail address or add your e-mail address to Gravatar. Click HERE if not already a member.

R4C (Rewards For Clicking)

You have the ability to place a R4C advert for other members to view.

You simply send all the details to via the form inside the members area.

Simply just make sure you fill in form in correctly, especially where fields have a *

Please be sensible with the time and amount of reward when placing these adverts.


These are ads from the admin, special offers or extra credits for doing a certain action, like surfing over a certain amount or joining a site that is highly recommended.

Solo Ads with Geo Targeting (even predated if you wish, great for things like Xmas)

To send a Solo E-mail to all members, send all the information including the e-mail via the form from inside the members area.

You can send html if you wish, but please do not send any links in the e-mail.(members tend not to click links anyway) Admin will check spelling etc for you and edit if necessary. If say for example we have 500 members and you want to pay them 5 credits per click that would be a total of 2500 credits, Not all members click the link but a lot also read the E-mails so these are worth it. Admin will advise you on this. Please make sure you have sufficient credits or cash in your account first, If not your request will just be deleted. Once approved by admin, admin will send e-mail for you. Site must also be clean, NO Frame Breakers or Pop-ups or Pop-unders, viruses or malware. Sites will be checked first. If you send a bad link the request will just be removed. Please be sensible. Thank you.

Here is an example what we need:

Solo E-mail Request.

My username is-  Example1

Amount to pay per view- 10 Credits

Countries to send to, or World Wide.

Time- (e.g 10 seconds)

Link for e-mail-

Title- Earn Money working from Home(example)



Do you want to earn from Home?

If so check out the link attached to this e-mail

Thank you

(your name)

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WARNING:- Cheaters are REMOVED and ip addresses blocked, and on all Sister sites and e-mail addressess blocked on a protection list, Cheat here and you will be banned on well over 100 sites!!! We Only have Honest active members here to see your ads, so Join today HERE