English 10 & 10A 2012-13               Mrs. Heaton


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Books are the carriers of civilization.  Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled,thought and speculation at a standstill.”    Barbara W. Tuchman, 1912-1989

Course Content:

English 10: Focus on composition, vocabulary and reading development, literature and daily language activities in punctuation, grammar and usage;  Composition work includes longer essays;  The study of the novel, play short story and poetry emphasizes more sophisticated methods of literary analysis;  Oral communication skills sharpened through participation in a grade-level speech competition;  Weekly vocabulary development and the basic library skills necessary to complete a short research paper.


English 10A: All of the above, including emphasis on abstract, critical thinking, literary criticism, and library research.  Also, three different presentations will be given during this course.  The accelerated course moves through the curriculum at a faster pace and with more supplementary reading material.  



                        Bring this to class every day.

                        Pencil pouches that fit into the binder rings may be handy..

                        To be cut in half for vocab flashcards and used full size for speeches.

                        For use during writing workshops and handy for reading notes.

                         Save all work, print at school, always submit on time.

                          Keep these in large supply and the year will be a breeze.

**  Please consider donating one box of tissues, wet wipes or hand sanitizer.

                       One classroom uses approximately one box each week, and more during cold and flu seasons.  Last year 40 boxes of tissues, 6 packs of wipes and 14 bottles of hand sanitizer were donated and used before the end of April.

*  Students may also bring their own computer for academic purposes only.  Neither HBHS nor the classroom teacher is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.  The Acceptable use Policy is in effect at all times.



  1. Please be kind. Disrespectful behavior will result in office referrals or communication with parents.
  2. Please keep your desk area tidy.  The classroom is shared by multiple teachers.
  3. Please submit work in a professional manner.  This means it should be neat, on time and edited. Messy work will receive an automatic -10%. Late work will receive an automatic -10% for each day late.
  4. Requests to review or discuss grades should be made before or after class.
  5. Please sign in and out of the room during class time and have a pass when tardy.
  6. No cell phones or ipods during class unless I allow their use for academic purposes (flashcards, agenda, storage device). Parents should not contact students during class time. Please refer to the policy in the student handbook.
  7. Use of the technology in class is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate use will result in disciplinary action.


Academic Integrity:


Cheating and/or plagiarism is defined as presenting someone else’s words, ideas, or information as one’s own or giving unauthorized assistance to someone else’s work.


Unless authorized, the following examples are considered cheating:  

using notes on a test or quiz, looking at someone’s paper, having someone else write a paper for you (including papers from the internet), copying someone else’s homework or letting someone copy your homework, giving or receiving answers on any assignment, allowing someone to copy your work of any kind, presenting information from the internet as your own and not giving credit to the source.


Please refer to page 12 of the HBHS Student Handbook for policies relating to academic integrity.

Turn It In plagiarism software will be used for all formal writing completed outside of class.  The teacher will follow up with students, parents and administration if issues are detected.  

It is the student’s responsibility to log in and join the class with TurnItIn by September 10, 2012.  

All results for each assignment will be posted automatically by TurnItIn ten days after submission.  


Curriculum Overview:

Vocabulary  - Sadlier-Oxford                            

1 unit and quiz every other week; 1 review test every 3 units; vocabulary review activities; encouraged extra credit opportunities using vocabulary across the curriculum                                                                            


Grammar/ Daily Oral Language

parts of speech review and drill, sentence diagramming, sentences to correct; periodic skill-drill / focused review for usage and mechanics;  grammar element incorporated into vocab quiz every other week; grammar targets (NHEASC)  for each written assignment.  


Public Speaking                                                                                                                                                       

Poetry readings (including possible participation in Poetry Out Loud); Speech Workshop & Competition;                Graded class discussions (fishbowls/socratic seminars/Harkness discussions); quarterly presentations and sharing of independent reading selections        


Critical Reading 

plot, conflict, mood & theme; understanding subtext; historical and social context; character development & motivations; independent reading selections.


required notebooks for class; analysis writing to articulate understanding or critique of the reading; timed writing drills for each unit; creative pieces to promote exploration of topics or to incorporate relevant supporting materials; reflections on independent reading choices; research , plagiarism and copyright unit.  

Research, Plagiarism, Copyright

periodic assignments requiring correct use of researched information; QPS drills; plagiarism, copyright and fair use

unit; research paper with MLA annotated bibliography; use of TurnItIn software and tutorials.



Curriculum Materials:

All selections in accordance with the HBHS Media Policy.  We may not get to all of the works on this list or in the order presented.  Much depends on the availability of texts in the HBHS book closet.  To suggest a title, please contact the teacher or the department head.  The HBHS English department is always interested in keeping the book list fresh, interesting, challenging and relevant.

The year will begin with a review of summer work and a focus on the short story.  Classic shorts, excerpts, poetry, essays, speeches or articles will be introduced as supplements to the major titles and will depend on the direction of our class discussions.


Supplementary Resources:

          Short Stories:   Classic Short Stories    World Shorts    AmLibrary Short Story Index

              Media for Education:  New York Times        SEED Magazine        WorldNewspapers.com        

          Public Speaking & Rhetoric:  American Rhetoric   and   TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.

        Viewing for Understanding:  Horrible Histories     

All accompanying films are from the HBHS collections, a complete listing of which can be found on the HBHS Library web site,   https://sites.google.com/a/sau41.org/hbhslibrary/

When appropriate, students will also be viewing or listening to selections, discussions with authors or critiques.  Detailed listings of multimedia with links, parent-student discussion guides, ALA and Commonsensemedia.org reviews will be listed and linked on the course web site.

The instructional materials used at Hollis Brookline High School represent a broad range of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences as well as a diversity of religious, ethnic, and cultural groups.  Materials support curricular goals, stimulate academic growth, and provide students an opportunity to practice critical analysis while developing the ability to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives.  We recognize that at times students and parents may object to some instructional material.  If a parent wishes to have their student exempt from the use of any material, such as a video or novel utilized in a class, they must notify the teacher within the first ten days of the course. It is strongly encouraged that the parent and student meet with the teacher to discuss the alternative material and/or any alternative assignments that coincide with the change in material.

If you have questions about the selection of course materials, please review the HBHS Cooperative School Board Policy IIA Instructional and Library Media Materials which can be found at http://policy.ctspublish.com/hollis-brookline-nhsba/.


Grading Policy:

             A point-based system allows each skill to be tracked on PowerSchool.  The NH Holisitic Scoring Rubric is used for every writing assignment. Reading quizzes are straightforward as long as students keep up with the reading.  Point allocations for tests and other numbered assignments are based on the number of questions asked and usually doubled (totaling 100-150 points).  

After school time extra help time is always available. Please check the calendar for dates.  Pretests, tutorials and class slide shows can be found on my website to help students prepare outside of class.

Extra Credit: Individual extra credit assignments are favoritism. Instead, the opportunity is extended  to every student to acquire Vocabulary Bonus Points.  Details are on the Vocab page of the website.  As opportunities for extra credit come up, an announcement will be made to the class and details will be posted on the web site.  Extra credit must be completed and submitted in a timely manner and be of good quality or credit will not be awarded.  

The breakdown of grade percentages follows the suggested standard of the HBHS Guidance Department.

QTR 1 - 20%             QTR 2 - 20%             MIDTERM - 10%            

QTR 3 - 20%             QTR 4 - 20%             FINAL EXAM – 10%


Making Up Work:


Please refer to pages 7, 8 &9 of the Student Handbook for school policies regarding absences and missed work.

Homework must be complete and submitted on time for full credit.   Half credit will be awarded for incomplete work or work submitted one day late, but no credit will be given after that.

Grammar and Vocabulary quizzes should be made up within 2 days of the test.  It is the student’s responsibility to set up an in-school or after school appointment to take a missed test or quiz.

Presentations must be given on the due date unless you contact me prior to the duedate.  An absence without contacting me directly will result in a zero.

Projects and papers submitted late will receive a 10% deduction in points for each day late, including non-school days.  Students who submit assignments electronically must wait for confirmation of receipt which will state whether or not it was able to be opened and read.  Anything that cannot be opened or read will not be considered on time.

The online calendar is updated daily with classwork, homework and announcements. In the event of an absence from class, students are expected to speak to classmates and check the online calendar for any missed assignments.

Available after school time is also listed on the online calendar.




Parents and Students,

As the district continually looks for ways to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and financially responsible,  teachers are encouraged to utilize websites and email whenever it makes sense to do so.

Would you like to be part of a parent email list for class reminders?  

NO         YES  (please list emails) __________________________________________________

If you email address changes, please let me know.  

I have read the course syllabus and expectations and am aware that this information is also on the course website.  If I have any questions or concerns I will speak to Mrs Heaton as soon as possible.  

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