Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Congregational Policies

CI. Policy on Committees


  1. Purpose:  To aid ERUUF in the conduct of its business and other activities, standing Committees or Ministry Teams shall be constituted for continuing areas of ERUUF interest and concern; ad hoc Committees, also called Task Forces, may be constituted for more limited purposes.
  2. There shall be three categories of Committees:
  1. Committees that derive their authority from the congregation (the Nominating Committee and the Healthy Congregation Committee),
  2. Board Committees, which advise and assist the board, and
  3. Program Committees, which work collaboratively with the Coordinating Team or its designee to propose operating policies and manage and carry out the programs that advance ERUUF’s Ends.  Program Committees may be defined as Committees or Ministry Teams.
  1. This policy shall apply to board Committees and Program Committees.  Committees of the congregation are governed by the Bylaws.


  1. Members of board Committees shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees after consulting with any continuing members of the committee in question.  
  2. The members of Program Committees or Ministry Teams shall be appointed by the Coordinating Team or its designee in collaboration with any continuing members of the committee in question or other lay leaders who can help recruit suitable candidates.
  3. The Chair of each Standing Committee or Ministry Team must be a member of ERUUF.


  1. Each committee, Ministry Team or task force shall have a charge or mission statement approved by the appointing authority.  The mission statement/charge can be revised by the committee, with approval of the appointing authority.
  2. The mission statement/charge must specify:
  1. the purpose or mission of the committee,
  2. the person or position on the board or staff linked to the committee and receiving reports from the committee,
  3. how frequently the committee must produce written reports (at least annually),
  4. under what circumstances the committee is to be dissolved, and
  5. the covenant under which the committee agrees to function.


  1. A list of currently functioning committees, their Chair, and their purpose (if not clear from their name) shall be maintained and published on the ERUUF website by the Coordinating Team or its designee.
  2. Principles governing board Committees shall be established in the board’s Governance Policies, Section GP5.
  3. The board delegates authority to establish additional policies and procedures for Program Committees to the Coordinating Team.

Change history:

Policy on Committees was approved by the Board on 12/15/09