1. Interpretation


1.1 In the Terms and Conditions, the words listed below are to be interpreted in the following way:

1.1.1 The word “Website” refers specifically to websites owned by our company:  www.dentaltravelpoland.eu, www.dentaltravelpoland.co.uk, www.dentaltravelpoland.de; Dental Travel Budapest website: www.dentaltravelbudapest.com; Dentist in Prague website: www.dentistinprague.com; Dentist Ukraine website: www.dentistukraine.com; Medical Holidays Abroad website: www.medicalholidaysabroad.com.

1.1.2 “Us” or “We” refers to our company and the following brands we own: Dental Travel Poland, Dental Travel Budapest, Dentist in Prague, Dentist Ukraine or Medical Holidays Abroad.

1.1.3 “You” refers to any individual that is accessing one of our websites or contacting us via any means.

1.1.4 “Customer” refers to any person that has used one of the websites or/and made a reservation, via a reservation form, skype, telephone, email, facebook or chat.

1.1.5 When the term “Dental Clinic” is used, it is used to refer to a Dental Clinic that is operating in co-operation with Us.


2.The General Statements. The binding of the agreement.


2.1 All Customers state their consent to these “Terms and Conditions” by means of making their reservation.

2.2 Once the reservation has been made, the agreement between the Customer and Us is concluded.

2.3 Once the agreement has come to a conclusion, the Customer is bound to these terms and conditions as part of the Agreement.




3.1. The following services are provided for the Customers.

3.1.1. Providing assistance with arranging flights.

3.1.1. Providing assistance with arranging accommodation.

3.1.2. Organizing dental arrangements in Dental Clinics we cooperate with for the Customers.

3.1.3. Organizing transportation between arranged points, Dental Clinic, airport, and place of stay.

3.1.4. Customer service using English as the spoken language throughout the duration of the Customer’s stay.

4. Medical Responsibility

4.1. Dental Clinics take on all the responsibility for all treatment that is performed, and for any possible consequences of all Dental Services. We do not accept responsibility for any damages received by the Customer during or as a result of their performance of any Dental Service.

4.2. Any guarantee agreement between the Customer and Dental Clinic does not involve Us by any means. We are not responsible at all for guarantee terms of services provided by Dental Clinic to the Customer.


5.Payment Terms and Prices


5.1. All payments are made after the treatment using a credit card, or cash (in the local currency of the place of the treatment). This is done by the Customer in the Dental Clinic.

5.2.  On our Websites you can find current price lists, and information on current offers.

5.3. All prices stated by Us for all services are estimates based on the currency exchange rate, and include our commission.

5.4 The exact price will be quoted to the Patient for their specific treatment plan, during the dental examination. It can be higher or lower than the original quote for the required treatment.


6. Customer’s Obligations


6.1. The Customer must divulge the required information regarding the desired treatment prior to making the reservation.

6.2. As all visits to Dental Clinics need advanced planning, the Customer must divulge information of arrival and departure dates. This must be done before making any reservations for any visits.

6.3. Medical exam results (teeth x-rays) should be provided by the Customer, if recommended by Us .

6.4. There is an obligation for the Customer to keep to the arranged dental appointments. However, in case of cancellations Customer is obliged to inform Us in advance as soon as possible.

6.5. The Customer cannot attend a medical appointment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

7. Mutual Respect

7.1. We have respect for all our customers and in return we expect you to treat our employees politely and with respect.

8. Visa Policy

8.1. It is Customer responsibility to be aware of your passport, Visa and immigration requirements. We do provide any assistance in Visa application process. We advise you to check in your embassy or consulate to obtain details of the relevant requirements.

9. Privacy Policy


9.1. The privacy of all individuals that visit our official Websites or make contact in any other way, is respected by Us.

9.2. We retain personal identifying information received when a reservation is completed, or through the site, or on an email, or externally.

9.3. Your personally identifiable information will not be divulged by Us to anybody.

9.4. All Customers declare their acceptance of the collection of their treatment details from the Dental Clinics by Us.

9.5. We collect patients’ treatment information solely for the purpose of communication with the involved dentists and patients.  No details of treatment will be shared at any stage of the treatment by any party.

10. Amendments to this Terms&Conditions

10.1 We have the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, and such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms and Conditions on our websites.