Plot Resizing FAQ

Which plots will be resized?

- Answer: The goal is to remove plots which are below 1600 sq. m. from the world. If it is possible to do so by increasing the size of existing plots, we will first attempt to do that. If that is not possible, then we may remove such plots from the world. Plots which are 1601 sq. m. and larger will be evaluated to see if we can increase the size as well, but do not expect that a plot that is already above 1601 sq. m. will be resized.

If plots are resized will they keep the original buildings?

- Answer: If a plot is simply resized, then yes it will keep the original buildings. In order to resize a plot, the new area must fully contain the old area. This is why it is so difficult in many communities to resize plots.

Will some plots be deleted to allow for larger plots? What happens to the buildings/items on plots that are deleted?

- Answer: If a plot is removed from the world then any structures on it will also be deleted. In this case, no novians for those structures will be given, and items stored on the plot will also be lost.

I want these specific plots resized in this way, can you do that?

- Answer: No. We do not have the time and manpower to consider specific requests. Also here are too many things to consider when working on resizing plots in a community that the designers need to maintain full control over what is happening in each community and the world as a whole.

Can you tell us ahead of time which plots will be deleted?

- Answer: No. The closest we can come to telling you this is to say that only plots which are unowned will be deleted. If a plot is owned by an active subscriber, you can consider it to be "safe" from deletion regardless of size. Likewise if a plot is larger than 1601 sq. m but unowned by an active subscriber, it may be deleted to allow room for an "owned plot" nearby to be increased in size.

Are guild subplots being resized?

- Answer: We really want to resize plots - if it's possible, we're going to do it.

If plots in my community are inactive and going to get resized, can I (guild master) deconstruct everything and get the Novians?

- Answer: You must be the owner of the plot in order to deconstruct and get novians. This has not changed. You will need to have at least two active subscriptions, one to hold the Master Plot and one to buy the sub-plot, in order to do this.