Instructions:  You must complete 3 activities per week, plus your spelling workbook page.  Each day you must choose a different activity to complete.  Always write the title of the activity on the top of your spelling homework. You may also choose from the spelling contract activities.


  1. ABC Order- Write our words in alphabetical order.
  2. Backwards Words-Write our words forwards, then backwards.
  3. Scrambled Words- Write our words.  Then write them again with the letters mixed up.
  4. Write It Out Old School Style- Write our spelling words neatly 4 times each.
  5. Flashcards- Make flashcards to study your words.
  6. Other Handed- If you are right-handed, write with your left-hand and vice versa.
  7. Words in Words- Write your word and then write 2 words made from each word.
  8. For example:  return- ten, run, rut
  9. Silly Sentences- Create silly and funny sentences.  Sentences can contain up to 2 spelling words, but you must underline the spelling words.
  10. Colorful Words 1- Write each word in 2 different colors using different colors for vowels and consonants.  Example:  return
  11. Colorful Words 2- Write each word in 3 or more different colors.
  12. CV List- Write our spelling words that start with a vowel on one list and words that start with a consonant on another list.  
  13. Picture This-  Draw a picture that illustrates the meaning of each spelling word.
  14.  Synonym Words - Write each spelling word and list 1-2 synonyms.
  15. For example:  happy:  glad, content
  16. Antonym Skills - Write each spelling word and list 1-2 antonyms.
  17. For example:  awake:  asleep
  18. Fabulous Parts - Categorize our words according to parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc)
  19. Syl/la/ble Words - Write your spelling words divided by syllables.
  20. Example:  exclamation= ex/cla/ma/tion.
  21. Secret Agent Words - Number the alphabet from 1 to 26, then convert your words to a number code.
  22. Type it Out – Type each spelling words 4 times.  Experiment with different fonts, but I have to be able to read it.
  23. ABC Order – Type each spelling word in alphabetical order.
  24. Silly Sentences – Create silly and funny sentences.  Sentences can contain up to 2-3  spelling words.  Underline the spelling words.
  25. I Typed It, Now Pass It – Type a letter to a friend. Underline the spelling words.


Use all 20 of our spelling words.

  1. Passing Notes - Write a letter to someone.  Underline the spelling words.
  2. Story Words - Write a short story. Underline the spelling words.
  3. Magazine Words - Use an old magazine or newspaper and find our words. Cut it out and glue it on paper.
  4. 30 Second Words - Write a TV commercial using all the words from your list.
  5. Definition Flashcards  - Make flashcards with the definition on back.
  6. Dictionary Look Up – Look up 10 of our spelling and write the definition.  If there is more than one definition, choose only one.


Make sure you print a copy of the work you created.

·  Crossword Puzzle- Create a crossword puzzle using ALL of our spelling words using clues to solve it.  Print an answer key if possible.

·  Word Search -  Create a word search using ALL of our spelling words.        or


Spelling Words for the Week of September 6th:

1.  restaurant

2. barrette

3. royalty

4. ambulance

5. computer

6. thermos

7. hydrant

8. police

9. podium

10. coyote

11. poncho

12. llama

13. original

14. casserole

15. spaghetti

16. beautiful

17. optimism

18. solitary

19. instruction

20. remember