Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I need to be there?

25 and 30 mile riders should arrive between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM.  The start of these rides is at 7:30 AM. Plan an extra 30 minutes so you can get parked, get your packet, riding number and loaded into the launch for start.

5 mile riders should arrive at 8:15 AM, in order to have time to park, unload, register, get your packet, riding number and loaded into the starting launch area.

Will there be entertainment after the bicycle ride?

Yes, there will be a DJ and several booths setup after the ride.

What do I need to bring to check in?

Your check for the ride you are riding. If you chose to raise money for the foundation your pledge sheet should also be handed in. Money for pledges will be accepted until Oct 31, 2010.  Along with your registration sheet, this should be completed, and signed.

What if my bike breaks?

We encourage you to make sure your bike is in excellent riding shape before embarking on the ride. If you bike breaks during the ride, turn it upside down and stay with your bike a SAG vehicle will be by to return you to the start/finish.

Are cyclist required to wear a helmet?

YES. ALL CYCLIST MUST WEAR A HELMET.  Your safety is important to us.

Where does the ride start and finish?

Woodland Hills High School is the start and finish for all rides.

What if I cannot finish the ride?

A SAG vehicle will return you to the start, they will follow the ride and pick up anyone who has run out of steam.

Can children ride the Tour du District ride?

Yes. Children must be 12 years old to participate.

Where do I put my riding number on my bike?

The riding number is put on the frame of your bike, with the front being attached to the stearer tube and the back to the top tube. The riding number must be on for you to participate in any of the three rides.

Will there be rest stops on the route?

There will be two rest stops on the 25 and 30 mile routes, one at the Wilkins School approximately and the second will be at  Dickson School at approximately. The final rest stop is at the finish at Woodland Hills High School.