the yaan

Image is of North Beach Store. On the Bench.


I eat out a bit. Mostly for lunches at local cafes. Today,we did the  Black Bear Cafe in Bellingen. Kati B used to work there till the Cheery Redhead was born. I had a vegie drink with double ginger today. I like drinks with double ginger. The Gorgeous Waitress knew my name and seemed to know my taste in GInger.I first took to ginger drinking when I was living up in Ulmarra in 2009. My local cafe then was the WIDE RIVER CAFE down Coldstream Street. It was a happy time for me and I LOVE the Hegedus family who runs the cafe.

Andrew Hegedus took to making my vegie drinks when  I ordered them and he went heavy on the rosemary and the ginger. Now, that Winter, I didn’t get a cold at all. Not even minor symptoms.  I put it down to the Ginger and the hot lethal mixes that Andrew made. I haven’t had much this year and I think I am in need of it.

Today, we sat under the big old camphor laurel tree and chatted of this and that while Mopsy the Cheery Redhead settled back into the cafe world of her first year. We took that Baby out most days for the first 12 months. Then she became able to crawl and eat unknown substances from the ground and we put a stop to our outings - till now when she can run about.