Nourish Your Appetite

Homemade Egg Rolls


1 pkg. of Egg Roll Wrappers

3 tbsp. of Soy Sauce

1 Lg. Can of Chop Suey Vegetables

1 cup of chopped Red Cabbage

1 Egg

2 cups of Cooking Oil

Step 1

Start by heating the oil in a medium sized pot. While the oil is heating

make your egg rolls.

Step 2

In a large mixing bowl mix together the cabbage and the chop suey vegetables.

Add in the soy sauce and mix well. Crack the egg into a small pastry dish and whisk.

Step 3

On a large plate or cutting board prepare your wraps. Peel the

wraps apart one at a time. Place one wrap on the plate/board. Place 1 spoonful of

the veggie mixture into the center of the wrap. Brush some of the egg onto all 4 corners

of the wrap. Next, pull the bottom corner over the veggies. Then pull the two side

corners over the center. Next, bring down the top corner and brush

with extra egg if necessary.

Makes 10 Eggrolls

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