Using Google Docs

1. Go to

2. Login with your Google Account.

3. Click on the “Create New” button in the upper left hand corner and highlight “Document.”

4. Create your document, just as you would on any word processing software.

5. When you’re ready to turn in your document, follow these steps:

        A. Click on the link above the blue tool bar that says “Private only to me.”


B. Click on “change.”

C. Select “Anyone with the link” AND check the box “Allow anyone to edit.”

D. Click “save.”

E. Copy the URL that is already highlighted. (Control C on a PC or Command C on a Mac).

F. Now go to Moodle.

Click on the assignment.

Click on “edit my submission.”

Paste your link (control V on a PC, command V on a Mac) into the box.

Then click “save changes.”

Ta da! You’re done!