Earth 2112: Mytholide Wars

World Design Document

by team "Yellow Storm"

1. About

This world design document was collaboratively started on April 14, 2012 during a four-hour game development brainstorming event organized by Gamestorm in Berlin, Germany.

The task was to design a planet populated by humans, which has been hit by an apocalyptic event, with another (bigger) apocalyptic event to follow. We were supposed to develop a world (rather than mechanics), assuming typical MMORPG gameplay (World of Warcraft).

We got a list of terms/questions to elaborate on, they exist as the headers in the “3. Long” section of this document.

After the design of Factions ended, each team presented their results so far. Then we had a short break and went for pasta and döner. All participants were then asked to write down a character feature and from all words, two were selected randomly for each team. We got “Holy” and ‘Big Boobs”. For each of these words, we had to design a non-playable key plot character. At the end, there was another presentation by each team respectively.

We developed this document through democratic discussion. At a few times we took polls, to avoid getting stuck. Example: gender of each character, dirty or clean look for one of the factions.


Discussion language was German. Notes were written down in English. Presentations were in English as well.

2. Short

Humans created holes in Earth’s ozone layer, because the entering radiation creates valuable Mytholide energy crystals on the ground. This project went out of hand and now growing circles of radiation that is deadly and mutation-causing wander the planet’s surface.

Two factions strive to survive. Codename Technofreaks want to leave earth and Spirituals want to adapt humans to the radiation.

2112: cities are in ruins, parts of world is part-burned/dead, part green/alive. Mutated and cyborg monster creeps inhabit it.

What happened

Ozone holes were created for resource generation, this experiment went out of hand.

What will happen

The holes will grow and all of earth will become radiated. F1 wants to leave earth, F2 wants to change human nature to be able to survive without the ozone layer.



3. Long


World Name


State of World

The year is 2112, futuristic tech exists.

Part of the world’s surface is burnt by the radiation but much of the nature it is still green and alive. Cities are in Ruins. Mutated monsters inhabit this world. Some of them completely biomass-like, some of them cyborgs.

What happened

Holes were created by humans in ozone layer, because the radiation generates resources on the ground. This went out of hand.

What will happen

Holes become bigger, aim is to leave the world or adapt (see faction descriptions below).

Living in the World


Gameplay is in North America (has nice MMORPG geography). Per-continent servers are possible with enough resources.

Factions and their...


F1: Technofreaks (codename)

F2: Spirituals (codename)

Principles, philosophy

F1: Leave earth, careful research, collect Mytholide as energy resource to leave

F2: Stay on earth, experiment with Mytholide, adapt to radiation


F1: Leaders are a council of scientists

F2: One leader, who is very mutated and nearly adapted to radiation


F1: (hightech) Robots as vehicles and fighters, Shields/armors powered/created by Mytholide energy

F2: (lowtech) Animals as vehicles and fighters, Resistance through modified Mytholide crystal items (swallowing of crystals)


F1: Tech-focused, use Mytholide as resource, Mytholide is resource powering tech

F2: Spiritual, experiment with life and Mytholide, Mytholide gives method of adapting


F1: Common human skin color but much cloth, much aromor (security against radiation) - Clean modern sci-fi look (Vanquished)

F2: Various skin colors (purple, green, transparent) - Mutated (not all extremely) tribes people

Reason for the conflict:

Character "Holy" (F1)


"The Brain" was a scientist who opposed the ozone-hole initiative. After the crisis the old man was able to predict the paths of the ozone holes (radiated circle areas). To be able to use his ability, the council decided to preserve his brain in a glass tube. He is now known as "The Holy Brain".

Place in world

The council describes him as the HOLY ORACLE to the people, which leads the people on a safe path that allows them to follow the radiation areas effectively and safely.


His only purpose is to tell the tech faction how to safely move on the earth. He wants revenge for being turned into a machine but is carefully plotting, since the F1 council could just turn him off, if they noticed that he harmed their cause...

Behavior and Appearance

A brain preserved in a glass tube, connected to a computer. A male voice with no emotions but a slight touch of arrogance, anger and irony in it.

Character "Big Boobs" (F2)


The first person to be able to stand the radiation, through daring experiment with standing in the sun and absorbing Mytholide crystals. As a result of mutation, his/her/its body expresses both genders (zwitter) but is sterile. F1 leaders claim that it all was a fool's accident.

Place in world

Leader of F2 tribes people.


Allow your tribe to survive in the upcoming world.

Behavior and Appearance:

Cares about his/her/its people, sad about being sterile.

Gameplay elements made for player types




Trade, crafting, guilds, shared resources (which gets distributed on players), the shared resources depend on NPC collector efficiency (strategic layer).


PvP in/near resource collection areas (“pvp arena” in the open) where killers have to attack and protect resource collectors LoL/HoN-style.

4. Concept art

Image: Top view of a 2112 map. Blue is water, yellow, green and white are different climate zones. A circle of radiation traveling to the North-East, leaving a trail of destruction (gray) and Mytholide (pink), which attracts the moving bases and collectors of the fractions (blue/red).

[SVG available, Note: this mockup has not been reviewed by the whole team]

5. Team

Yellow Storm are:

Ivonne Vaziri-Elahi -

Iwan Gabovitch -

Friedrich Wessel -


6. License

This work (text and images) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.