World of Warcraft:

Resources for Business

General Play Websites:

Elitist Jerks: 

The site focuses on the Math behind World of Warcraft and discusses class and role optimization strategies

Icy Veins:

This site focuses on guides for fights and overall information on classes, leveling, dungeons and raids.


This site is a database site with content ranging from items, characters, Community Discussions and more. 

This site is the main repository of World of Warcraft Addons, which are tools that have been developed by players to allow customization of the WoW interface.


Economic website providing market data in 48 hr and 14 day intervals. This data is refreshed every hour.

The Undermine Journal: 

This site provides Auction House economic and financial news for each realm.

Add-ons from

Auctionneer Suite: 

Auction House Addon that provides economic data and accounting information.


Auction House Addon that provides economic data and accounting information

Favorite App:

WoW Armory: (Android, iPhone, IPad)

App allows users mobile access auction house buying and selling, guild chat and other features.

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