"I just want more chicks,

at my Hofmusik!"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mandy Mozart

This year with love, the most famous Acid Head Mandy Mozart or  his clubmusic loving alter-ego Rosela Comb in an oeuvre of lovely sonnets for Concert Piano-Keyboard and Basedrum. The mechanical wunderkind, also infamous for his improvised compositions for the Fusion Festival with the new age Techno Orchestra Cindy Sizer (Upitup Records) is back in the concert halls of the disco world. He is also known for his cembalo-compositions for “A+V” (with LA based video jockey and audio-visual Kappelmeister Fader) and the Acid bands “Minister President” as well as “Loucy Louder” (Shalom Salon). Prepare for Sachertorte und Acid House in new dimensions of eloquence and be ready to learn how we handle tings with em Ladies here in Austria.

EP Art of Anatomy (UPITUP Records, March 2013)



Past Shows:


1.16 Cindy Sizer w/ Hazeem, Kynn @ Platoon, Berlin (GER)

1.27 Minister President @ Kühlhaus, Berlin (GER)

2.7 Mandy Mozart w/ Kenji451, Richard Steel @ Panke, Berlin (GER)


8.24 Cindy Sizer w/ Dimlite, Tracky Birthday & Tricks Live @ Arte Tracks Haus der EK, Basel (CH)

9.6. Mandy Mozart w/ SVS Records @ Tante Emma, Innsbruck (A)

11.10. Cindy Sizer @ Shift, Tresor, Berlin (GER)

Mandy Mozart @ Upitup 10 Year Anniversary with Roglok, Stuttgart

Cindy Sizer @ Theaterhaus, Jena

Mandy Mozart - "Grosser Haariger Mann auf Acid" @ Otto, Istanbul

Cindy Sizer @ Team Titanic, Berlin

Cindy Sizer @ Sage Restaurant, Berlin

10 Years Upitup Records @ Kazimir, Liverpool

Minister President @ Tresor, Berlin

Mandy Mozart, Dance Performance @ Electric, Paris


Cindy Sizer @ about:blank, Berlin

Mandy Mozart @ Raeubertage, Dresden

Rosela Comb @ Club Fiction, Tokyo

Mandy Mozart @ Moscow, Tokyo

Mandy Mozart @ Union Lounge, Seoul

Mandy Mozart @ LPM Festival, Rome


EE feat. Cindy Sizer @ JJIMF, Jecheon

EE feat. Cindy Sizer @ Intel Creators Project, Kring, Seoul

Cindy Sizer @ Club Mansion, Seoul

Mandy Mozart @ Mapping Festival, Geneva


EE feat. Mandy Mozart @ World DJ Festival Korea, Seoul

Mandy Mozart @Ssamzie Club, Seoul

Loucy Louder @ Babylon, Istanbul


Mandy Mozart @ Mao, Beijing

Cindy Sizer @ Fusion Festival, Laerz

Cindy Sizer @ Rocker33, Stuttgart


EP Out March 2013

[upfree54] Mandy Mozart feat. Jiin Ko

"Art of Anatomy"


Single "Wishful Cheer"



Mandy Mozart @Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/mandymozart)

Minister President (https://soundcloud.com/ministerpresident)

Interview with A+V at LPM Rome 2012 (https://vimeo.com/45865047)

With Cindy Sizer @ Fusion Festival 2009 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ7wQqE_U9g)

With Cindy Size @ StudioR (

Mandy Mozart is represented by

SVS Records (München) (http://www.svs-records.com)

Shalom Salon (Berlin/Tokyo) (http://www.shalomsalon.de)

Upitup Records (Stuttgart/Rome/Liverpool (http://www.upitup.com)

Live Bookings:

Cindy Sizer (Live: fabian@agents-4-music.de, Club: booking@gentlepeople.de)

Mandy Mozart, A+V booking@svs-records.com 

Minister President - henrike.naumann@gmail.com 

Loucy Louder - info@ulassalgam.com 

Press Pictures:

Proud appearances:

Fusion Festival Laerz, Live Performers Meeting Rome, Mapping Festival Geneva, Genius Loci Weimar, about:blank Berlin, Intel&Vice The Creators Project Seoul, STFU Festival Jena/Dresden, Platoon Berlin/Seoul, Speakerpalace London, C.U.C. Liverpool

Played with:

EE, Meywa Denki, DJ Werd, Lie Ti Qiao, Christoph Hoefferl, Kristian Mondrup Nielsen,  Krause Duo 2, No Mad Ronin, Metaboman, IDA Kymmer, Jiin Ko, The Kokos, Kiki Hitomi, DJ Die Soon, Jacob Phono, Daito Manabe, Itta&Marqido, Fader, Kenji 451, Torky Tork, Anatol Atonal, Thomas Prestin, Stefan Klaus, Roglok, Tracky Birthday, Global Goon, Isocore, Jacques, Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, Bartellow, Larking&the Sky, Günther Lause, Konrad Wehrmeister, Zaqoir, ZK Bucket

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