Math Placement Recommendations                                                                                        Placement Exam platform:  Maplesoft TA

Scores can be found for each student on myOswego under Faculty services on the bottom of the student menu. Find starting point for each set of exams below depending on the students major and required math exams.  Check score for that exam and see if they needed to take another exam.  Follow each recommendation until a final placement suggestion is made.   Results of the student’s math entrance exams should be used in conjunction with the student’s academic records to make course recommendations.

Math Entrance Information for Orientation can be found at the following link:

Calculus Based Majors:     Number of Scores for complete Calculus placement: 2 exams, unless failed all 3 Algebra exams.

Business Majors and Technology Management Majors          Number of Scores for complete placement:   2 exams

Childhood Education Majors       The following exams are only for preregistration purposes.  

Students will need to pass the official Math Proficiency Exam in order to stay in MAT 106.  

Psychology  Majors