How to make the most of your DTDC experience!



Is Dance Trance (“DT”) a fitness or dance program?


First and foremost, DT is fitness program. It appeals to people who love to dance (and those who want to learn!) because we use specific, choreographed routines to help you maximize the fitness impact – and fun – of each song.


Do I need to have a dance background?


Absolutely not. All you need is a desire to live a happier, healthier life. That said, the structure of the class will help you to become a “better” dancer…whether you’re a beginner – or experienced – dancer.


What Should I Wear?


On top: your typical workout gear or gym clothing. (Nike, Reebok, Lululemon, Athleta, etc)


Shoes: Sneakers/gym shoes are great; the smoother the sole, the better.  Dance sneakers  are recommended because they offer enough support for the fitness part of our class.  Bare feet are not allowed for Dance Trance for safety reasons.


Which Class Should I Try First?


New to Dance Trance? Start with a “Breakdown” class. During “breakdowns” an experienced instructor will walk you through the details of the program and the choreography of up to 4 songs that we dance to. With that as a foundation you’ll be able to easily transition to our “High Cardio” (no breakdown, just dancing – up to 15 songs in an hour!) classes.


Can I Start With High Cardio?


Absolutely; you’re welcome to attend any class. That said, we’ve found that people who are new to DT find the slower paced Breakdown helpful in creating a powerful Dance Trance experience.  Regardless, as is the case in much of life, the key to Dance Trance “success” is practice. The more classes you attend, the better your execution and your workout!          


Can I Drop in As a Guest?


We have drop in rates for all classes; the price is $18/class.  Click here to purchase 1-class to try us out!


Do You Have a Changing Room and Showers?  


Yes, we offer changing areas and showers. Our Thomas Circle studio has a locker room and showers. If you can’t change prior to class, arrive early to make sure you can get into the changing room in time for your class.


Do Instructors Wear Microphones?  


We don’t. In fact, we don’t use vocal cues at all. Instead we use hand signals to cue you to changes coming up in the musical format. (This is explained and demonstrated in our Breakdown classes).


Anything Else?

We are just a phone call or email away. Contact DTDC owner, Sarah Sands, at (202) 288-2268 or