How to prepare your documents

for uploading with your HCDP/R3 Application?

It is required that you provide some documents to support your HCDP/R3 application. These document should in electronic PDF format. You will need to prepare these documents so they are accepted by the HCDP online application. These need to be less than 300 kb in size. We provide some general guidelines through this step-by-step HOW TO DO.

  1. Scan your documents. Please make sure that you do not use any larger resolution that 100 when you scan.
  2. Open your scanned documents pne by one in a simple photo-editing program such as these free image-editor software.
  3. Cut and clean unwanted edges of the scan document. Please do not attempt to alter the content of your documents as this will be classed as forgery.
  4. When you are happy with the look of the document you should save this in JPG format.
  5. Use a PDF maker to print you document into a PDF file. You can use some free-PDF maker software such as CutePDF. You will need to download and install this software and select when you print from your image editor program.
  6. Check your PDF file and make sure that their sizes are under 300 kb before uploading.

Please note that some scanner are equipped with direct PDF scanning which does not require this process.

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