Lasting Change Begins in Your Subconscious

by Jenny Davidow, M.A. (Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved)

Your brain is wired to respond to thoughts as though they were real, physical events. For instance, when you imagine dancing, neurons in your brain and body fire as if you are dancing.

This fact, proven by recent brain research, explains the reality behind the idea that your thoughts can either help or hurt you.

Think of a favorite relaxing place...Your heart rate slows. Your breathing deepens. You relax.

But when you have worried, angry, or fearful thoughts, your heart beats more rapidly, your breathing is shallow, your muscles tense, and your blood pressure rises.

When you feel trapped, your neurons fire as if you are trapped. The physical sensations are the same as if you are trapped.

Personal Coaching maximizes your ability to use your imagination and thoughts to create positive and real physical changes, including new neurons and pathways that empower new behaviors.

The natural “plasticity” of the brain and mind/body enables you -- regardless of your age -- to overcome great obstacles, physical or emotional.

Personal Coaching puts you in touch with the rich resources of your subconscious — so you can literally change physiological and emotional patterns that limit you and create tension.

When you “rewire” your thoughts and feelings at the subconscious level, you free yourself from emotional blocks, solve problems, achieve goals, and live with sparkle and vitality.

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