DrupalCamp - Session 3 

Theming Out of the Box

Matthew Tucker and Preston So 

July 26, 2008


How to make a site look like it's not in Drupal or a CMS.  How far can you really go? 


You can achieve the same level of beauty that you see in CSS showcases 


Some examples of well-designed websites:


All of these sites don't use Drupal.  You can do the same 


Aesthetics -  The look and feel of a website is very important, more important than SEO 


You can use CSS properties to change how text is displayed. 


Become an expert in CSS!  Really learn it.  Run-of-the-mill default templates don't cut it anymore.  Try using CSS techniques (such as opacity) 


Styling It Up 


Theme Overrides - You can add theme functions or override functions to change the output of a module. 

 ie: pages use terminology that doesn't apply to every site.  You could change the wording of 'next' 'previous' by theme override 


 Trends in Design 



A beautiful site will keep users on the site longer.  Have a user experience expert.


How people view sites 


How can you make sure users at least look at certain content


Color Schemes 



Using semantic markup and web standards will assure that everyone can view your site.

Follow Section 508 guidelines and use the validator (try for "Priority 2")


Form and Functionality 

Gmail - extreme functionality and not much form 


In Short 


 What is Truly out of the Box?