Andrew Sallop Fenlon

137 S. Grove St Apt 302, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Phone: (617) 359-8361



New England Conservatory of Music. Boston, MA (B.M.) and Tufts University, Medford, MA. (B.A.) Dual-Degree Program (2002-2007)

B.A., Art History and Comparative Religions. (2002-2007)

Phillips Academy at Andover. Andover, MA

High School (1998-2002)

Work Products (web and software programming):

I am presently developing an interactive, social networking site commissioned by the owner of ESPDisk records to promote his label.

During the past year I have designed, developed and launched the following websites


Photoblaster is a forum for collaborative image editing. Users either can download or upload images and animations or draw them from the web, and then use Photoblaster's interface to alter them to their liking.

Image editing capabilities provided by Photoblaster include remixing, recoloring, layering and resizing. Imgradient,, and Imgrid,, are Photoblaster components that enable users to create canvases of their own design.

These Photoblaster features simplify the image editing process; instead of using a W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. interface images are edited by filling out a list of requirements and clicking one button.

Photoblaster currently is a beta site and has about 200 users.


The Scannerjammer Network is two things. It is a place where people can chat with videos and images in addition to words. It is also a virtual network of TV stations that are totally user controlled.

Scannerjammer has an active user base of about 500 users.

read more about Scannerjammer here:

DJDONJUAN, the art-making robot:

DJDONJUAN is an art making robot that I created in collaboration with Julian LaPlace, a friend. DJDONJUAN takes Internet image search results and composites them into artistic canvases; it posts the pieces to the Internet, and also ‘likes’ (through social networking sites) images that it enjoys, based on a set of parameters that it looks for.

other websites I have created:

the amazing beatpoemgenerator →

other generators-->

I am proficient in several different computer languages, and have experience with many types of applications programming, but tend to concentrate on web-programming and web-applications. I am comfortable with network programming and have an active interest in web-design. I have also had some experience making desktop applications. In more technical terms, my favorite programming language is Python, but I have also had some experience working in C, C#,, Perl and Ruby. I am familiar with Unix and most basic aspects of Unix system administration. I am very experienced in all aspects of Html, Css and Javascript.

Work Experience/Recent Employment History:

Sales. Star Vintage. (12/10-10/11)  Ann Arbor, MI.

Freelance Web-programming. (ongoing) greater Detroit area, MI.

Guitar Lessons. (ongoing) greater Detroit area, MI.

Sales/Design. (ongoing) Pepper’s Clothes Cult, Detroit, MI. (ongoing) Developer

Developer of an interactive website. ESPDisk (records) NY, NY.

References available upon request.  

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