Using Google Docs to Assess Student Learning

Presentation for The Education Cooperative

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Greg Schwanbeck

What is Google Docs?

Video: Google Docs in “Plain English”

How am I assessing student learning with Google Docs?

Google Forms

Surveying (authentic sample)

Quizzing - Spreadsheet - Summary (authentic sample)

Lab Data Collection (authentic sample)

Homework Collection (example)

Self-Assessment Rubrics (authentic sample)

Documents (Word Processing)

Collaborative Lab Reports Example 1: Student collaboration (authentic sample)

Collaborative Lab Reports Example 2: Teacher comments (authentic sample)


Class Lab Data Analysis Example 1: Level 2 Physics (authentic sample)

Class Lab Data Analysis Example 1: AP Chemistry (authentic sample)

What other things are teachers doing with google docs?

We won’t have enough time to go through these examples, but they are provided below in case you are interested. Feel free to email me with questions.

Documents (Word Processing)

Peer Editing / Error Corrections (example)

In-Class Essays (example)


Social Studies Mapping (example)


Vocabulary Gallery (example)



Student Research Projects (authentic sample)

Video: Teachers Talk About Using Google Docs