Bronyville Episode 043 - Friendship’s Bitter Pill

Time : Saturday, February 26th @ 8 PST

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The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and managements. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 43 recorded on February 26th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Hey Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and guest,

I wanted to shoot you guys an email concerning the Derpy issue.

I'm not going to comment on Derpy herself or the fact that she was changed, I am however going to comment on our reaction to her, and to her change.

When Derpy first appeared with lines and name, many people were incredibly excited and happy, while a small, yet vocal, group were disappointed or offended.

Hasbro hears nearly all of our feedback. They read the comments on EQD and Youtube and read all those emails we send them. However, as an artist myself, I understand how negative feedback like this feels. A couple guests on your show have commented on how even a single negative comment on their story/song can convince them to not make any more, despite a large amount of positive feedback.

The Brony community needs to act against this negative feedback (not directly, don't go hunting them down or anything) by overcoming it with more positive feedback! It takes many positive responses to outweigh the negative views of the few. But, as we do so, we need to act civil about it! So don't go flooding Studio B and Hasbro's email in-boxes with hate filled emails. Bronies need to act on a united front and in a way that does not reflect negatively on us as a community.

One excellent way of doing that is going over to and signing the pettiton they have there.

Studio B will continue to make an amazing show for us to watch, that much we know. The guys over there love the show and the characters and love how we love them. However, this incident might limit their ability to make the show as awesome as it is for us. We want to show the big guys at Hasbro that they can continue on the route that they have been treading with us and that they should continue to let Studio B, for lack of a better term, pander to us Bronies, in the perfect way that they have so far.

Let's show them that. Thanks for all your hard work on this podcast.

- Poni1Kenobi (BeatleBrony)

Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - Tumblin’ and Fluttershyin’


Salutations, Apple Cider, Thomas Chefferson and guest(s),

To get the formalities out of the way, I love the show and everything you do for the community and believe that you are the best Brony podcast available.

With that out of the way, I was hoping you could help me out. I'm an aspiring writer (meaning I keep getting ideas and never take the time to write them out) and I continually think about ideas for fanfics. There's just one problem: I keep wanting to insert myself into the story.

The main idea behind that is my being, through unknown means, enters Equestria and must figure out how/why it happened and how I can find my way back to my own reality.

However, the consensus of the fan community is not in favor of this because of the rampant Mary Sues that infest fanfics. While I would hope to write myself as a complex character with flaws and ways to improve, but being that it's still self-insertion, my fanfic would not be the best it could be.

My question is should I focus on how I can work my fanfic to not include myself or do my best to fit myself into the world and just work on writing my ideas out?

Continue your excellence in all things pony.

Your loyal listener,


Post Script: Sorry, Cheffers, but Twilight is best pony and Starry Night is best Bronyvillian. There can never be too much Starry Night. :D

Hello good Bronies! My name is Maya, Aka DizzySpell, I have contacted you with a question I would love for you and guests to answer. My  question is this,


Do you think Discord got what he deserved in "Elements of Harmony part2"?

    I don't think he did. As much as i love it when the Mane 6 prevail, Discord was the spirit of chaos, just as Celestia and Luna are the spirits of harmony. He was just doing what he was born to do, create chaos. I believe that Twilight, as the element of magic and friendship, could have talked to him and become his friend. He could have continued but reduced his chaos making a bit, maybe this is just because I love discord, but that’s what I feel.


                                                                                                                Pony out,

                                                                                                                 Dizzy Spell the Unicorn

Dear Ponies in your universe that love the internet(aka:Cider, Chef, and the wacky guest of your choosing)

listening to your guys latest episode, and you guys finally talked about closet Bronies

could you please elaborate more in the subject

and if you don't do it for a reasonable amount time,

there shall be a storm of randomness coming your way!

*Discord laugh*

From the weird and wacky mlp poet,


Greetings AC, CS, and any awesome guests you may have,


                I absolutely loved the last episode and the I NEED AN ADULT and radio announcer moments had me in tears.  Before I say anything, I would like to say, BRONY Apple Cider!  HALO BRONY!  Rage out of the way I think I need to address something you touched on last episode.  Yes, it is just a show and we really shouldn’t react like that if, say, if someone were to like Dora the Explorer, but let’s face it.  Some of us (me included) are still in high school and kids our age are extremely quick to judge.  While admitting to being a brony is nothing like coming out of the closet, most kids my age will treat it as such.  My own parents think I’m insane for watching it, and avoid the topic when brought up, be it accidental or otherwise.  While 25+ year olds tend to be more inclined to *sunglasses* deal with it, teens are just too quick to judge and I will not be admitting my bronyism anytime soon.  I think I’m putting too much thought into this, no matter.  Thanks for reading, we all love you guys.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Halo Brony


P.S.  Rainbow Dash is still best pony, as shown by my badflank cutie mark wallpaper (linkin like a baws but Pinkie Pie is quickly approaching that position, she so crazy.

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and possible guests.

First off I would like to state that Pinkie Pie is best pony, and this is why: She is hyper active, out going, and loves to make people happy; like me!

Okay, now to what I wanted to talk about.

As I am sure you already know, High School kids like to make fun of different people whenever they get.

Just yesterday, I wore my "This Shirt Is 20% Cooler" with Rainbow Dash on it, someone recognized it and said "Oh my god, this queer likes My Little Pony! Fag!"

I didn't care at first, but it got a bit bad because the insults were constant. Even though I am an open bisexual male, I do take offence when people use being Homosexual as an insult. The question here is, what should I do about all this besides tell a teacher or something? Should I just try to explain to them about the show, try and make them watch an episode like Lesson Zero, one where it really goes away from "This is a show for little girls" or just go on with my day and ignore them to the best of my ability.


Love to you always for being so awesome, and for being 20% cooler (Just to add to that nickel jar of yours)

Your faithful listener

Doctor Rainbow Dash (Alex)

P.S: Don't hate to much on Chef for liking Rainbow Dash. She and Chef are cool ponies too. <3

P.S.S: If you happen to know anyone that knows how to make Shirts, this much be a shirt ASAP

Hullo AC, Sandy and any guests honorary!

I just finished listening to Episode 42, and all I can probably say right now is OH MY GOD EUROBEAT CAME BACK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


But anyway, much time has passed since I sent you an email a few months back, and since then my pony music collection has grown 15+ hours longer, I am no longer the solitary brony at my school after getting another two to join the herd, but still copping a lot of flak from the other hundred or so people in my year level (and I go to an all-guys school), but I still enjoy bringing in a different pony figurine every single day and watching how fellow classmates and teachers react to my love for My Little Pony.

Seeing as we're nearing the back end of the season, I have a question to ask. What would you think the villain of the third season will be? For me I'm thinking that one of the Mane 6 (probably Twilight) will go dark and it'll be up to everpony else to bring her back to the light with much friendships.

Anywho, keep up the great work with the podcast, and on a side note, my school just happens to be having their house swimming competition next week, and with me being in the "light blue" coloured house, this can only result in me sticking up Rainbow Dash all over the place, whether the other people in my house like it or not. :)

From your still sleepless listener,


P.S Rarity is still best pony ever ever ever ever. That's fourever.

Dear Chef Sandy and Apple Cider,

    Like always, you guys are doing a wonderful job. Every week I enjoy you and your guests when going to and from work. It always lifts my mood while dealing with all the old people trying to drive in good ole Florida.

  Now, this might have been me missing something, but I don't think anyone mentioned a great reference in the Hearts and Hooves episode. Big Mac's hopping is easily a nod to Pepe le Pew fromt he old Loony Toons. Either way, jsut thought I would throw that out there.

  Now for a more important topic.  Did you know that someone is trying to make a travelling museum exhibit all about community art? The creator, Inky Notebook, want to get this thing up and running and needs everyone's help!  So please take a look at the idea on Equestria Daily and let's get this thing going!

Here's the link so we can get it all going:

Hope all is going well and look forward to more amazing episodes.

Your loyal archivist pony,

Dusty Hollinger

P.S. How's Chefestus sound?

Hay Bronyville! i'm gonna totally plug my cool tumblr idea. meerrg

It's come to my attention that pony centric art blogs have become increasingly popular on Tumblr. The Brony community is incredibly artistic, and there are many ponies who are trying to get into the MLP "art scene" and need a boost. there are many ways to post and share pony art online; but the peer editing process on what we do have does not seem supportive enough for all the ponies out there who could make great art, but don't have enough ponies telling them what's good and what needs work.

What I'm suggesting is a MLP art blog that showcases quality beginner pony artwork for peer review and support, to both give pony artists the publicity they deserve as well as proper criticism that won't make ponies want to stop drawing.

If anypony Wants to help get involved in this project please check out the  ponychan threads:, and or email me at

pony on guys. And Thanks


Here's a hopefully juicy makeup question for plugging my stuff:

how many canon ponies do we know can break the 4th wall, is it really just pinkie?

Good day to you that Magnanimous Apple Cider, Superior Chef Sandy, and extraordinarily lucky guests.

I am emailing you today because I noticed new hair animations in the most recent episode (season 2 ep 18.) If you notice 15 minutes or so into the episode Twilight and Dash have bouncier hair than normal.  In fact recently I feel the season seems to have had a upswing in animation quality. More background detail, newer animations (such as the new CMC walk and the skipping in the past 2 episodes), it all seems like the show in general has had more effort put into it recently and I was wondering what all you had noticed, and what you liked or disliked.

Thanks and have a B-E-A-utiful day,

-Piquo Pican Pistachio Pie.

Hey Bronyvile Podcast...I have some news...

Here is the link to MLP wiki for episode 21 -

Here is a link to my fic I had started writing after the Daring Do Episode -

I feel sad because I had predicted the future AGAIN!I just wanted to let you guys of writing this, my second part is about to come up, but I'm sad that I now have to put a "alternative universe" tag on it now...*sigh* LOL.

Thanks for your time...and now for my question...during the *current episode* A friend in Deed, I had seen a certain part of the episode that I thought about...during the episode, Pinkie had USED a record player [and then seeing another one later in the episode] and then jumped into an 80's workout uniform, leg warmers included! SO I have a question...Since Cheerile had also had a memento from about that time period, do you think they are about the same age, or she was just doing that to be random, like the rest of the wackiness in the episode.

Plus...Pinkie will always be my crazy little plushie that I will like FOREVER four times...unless Trixie comes back...then she'll have to FIGHT TO THE DEATH to keep her title...

From AppleGothic and his younger brother BulletSpeed from the wondrous Shireattle


Well, Im pretty sure this will not be read on the show (seeing that you have like a gazillion other viewers emailing you THIER random crap) I just wanted to bring somthing to you're attention.


First of all, LOVE THE SHOW. I literally listen to it whenever it comes out on itunes for days until I hear all of it. Personally, I think yall's opinions are the best generilization of the fandom as a whole and I salute you to promoting safe and friendly talkshows to bronies everywhere.


Anyways, I have recently noticed that all of your guests seem to be middle(or younger) MEN. Exept for Phoe from EqD once or twice, It appears that yall NEVER have any GIRLS on the show. Seeing that I am a 14 year old girl, it sort of bothers me sometimes. I feel like the show is missing out on an ENTIRE other side of the brony fandom. To be honest girls have it a lot harder than guys! We face totally different challanges and we sometimes see things differently. Despite what some people say this is not just a MANDOM, there are FEMALES who love the just as much (or more) as the males.


I'm not trying to hate or anything, like I said I LOVE the show, I just can't help but feel a little left out. Not sure if it's even possible to get a young girl on the show or whatever but maybe you guys could at least look into it.


Your Slighty-Upset but Ever Faithful Fan,



P.S. haha ya'll  were probably expecting me to say my favorite pony! WELL IM NOT ITS A SECRET! :D


-Just a message to Chef Sandy and Apple Cider (and whover else helps you guys)-

Sorry to that one girl in the background... I didnt really know she was part of the show...! I feel bad for saying that girls have it worse than guys I was just a little put off. Just to clear things up I basically ment that girls just don't get the same amount of love as the guys do in the fandom. I also didn't relize that you guys had had other girls on the show... but either way that' or eight girls and over thirty still doesnt add up!

Again, I didn't want to offened you (perhaps I should have waited for a time when you guys had another girl.. besides random background girl... to vouch for me)... Im also really happy that you're going to have some more girls in the future! Sorry for annoying any of you guys on the show last time I honestly never thought you guys would even look at that...


Your faithful listener



P.S. Random girl in the backgroun (I'm sure she has a name, I just dont know it) is awesome. We need more of her fantastic randomness.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Bad things are bound to happen. However, how we react during these times can ultimately determine the fate of an entire community. This week was certainly chaotic and with Chef out it was up to Jwhoof and Giant Misquitto to lend me a hoof. In addition to Derpygat we went over the basics of running a successful tumblr (like GM’s Doctor Adorable Ask-Along blog) and then went into full e-mail answering mode! It’s not all doom and gloom, I swear!



Apple Cider

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