- Individual Questionnaire -



This questionnaire has only an academic purpose. Your identity will not be revealed, and the answers will be taken into consideration only for the research on the Dallas series.


  1. Do you like Dallas? If so, could you please list some reasons? (up to 3)
  2. Which of the followings has the most important impact on you while watching Dallas: the plot, the characters, the actors, the settings and costumes or something else?
  3. Do you think Dallas might have changed your life or your way of living? If so, in what way?
  4. Did Dallas inspire you in any way, including in your daily activities or in your attitude towards life, family and/or friends?
  5. What are the things that cross your mind when you hear of Dallas?
  6. How would you describe Dallas in three words?
  7. Did Dallas change your attitude towards television?
  8. Was there a moment when you stopped watching or were tempted to stop watching Dallas?
  9. Have you heard of the new series of Dallas?


(For those who have heard of the new series)


     10.  How do you feel about this second series? Do you personally think it was necessary or not?

     11.  Are you going to watch the new series?

     12.  What are your feelings now, knowing that Dallas will start again?

     13.  Do you think the new series will make Dallas as popular as it used to be or it will affect the prestige of the previous series?

     14.  What do you expect to see in the new series of Dallas?

     15.  How do you explain the great amount of information related to the new Dallas series?

     16.  Do you agree that the actors from the original series should appear with a totally new and young generation of actors, more or less known to the public?

     17.  In the absence from the cast of such actresses like Victoria Principal, Priscilla Presley and Sheree J. Wilson, do you think the series will still be appealing to the public?

     18.  Do you think the new Dallas has any chances to make the top ratings of the original series?

    19.  Would you like to see characters that disappeared in the original series return in the new series?

     20.  Would you like to see the new Dallas episodes on the Internet?

     21.  How do you imagine that television would have looked like without Dallas?

     22.  Do you think that the impact of Dallas will live for ever in the public’s mind?

    23.  How do you think Dallas should be remembered?

    24.  What is, to you, the most important legacy of Dallas?

    25.  What else would you like to say about Dallas and the new series?






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Contact person: Monica Ilie-Prica (e-mail: monik.ilie@yahoo.com)