Jones “Budget” Television Ad

Ad Script:

Elizabeth Ames Jones:  Texans deserve a State Senator who will be 100% committed to tackling our budget problems -- without raising taxes. That’s what I’ve done.

Announcer:  As a Texas State Representative, Elizabeth Ames Jones was a leader, (1) balancing a 10 billion dollar budget shortfall (2). That’s right...10 billion dollars (3).  And she did it without raising taxes (4).

EAJ:  I will bring new leadership to the Texas Senate.

Announcer:  Elizabeth Ames Jones:  A conservative we can trust.


(1)   “Jones was one of the stars of the Bexar County legislative delegation…Jones rose quickly to a coveted post on the House Appropriations Committee and served on the House Energy Resources Committee… In addition to demonstrating her leadership ability…”  San Antonio Express-News Editorial, February 22, 2006

(2)   “The Republican-led Legislature is trying to write the budget without new taxes despite a projected revenue shortfall exceeding $10 billion. After House and Senate action, a conference committee will likely be asked to reach a final version before the legislative session ends June 2. House panel OKs budget ; Bill doesn't include new taxes; Democrats decry health cuts.  San Antonio Express-News, April 8, 2003.

(3)   In 2003, the Texas Legislature did something unprecedented. Faced with a record $10 billion budget shortfall, lawmakers balanced the budget without raising taxes and cut general revenue spending for the first time since World War II.”  Texas Public Policy Foundation:

(4)   “I think we have to ‘balance the budget without new taxes,” she [Jones] said.  “When an economy is slow, it’s not really the time to initiate new taxes.”  San Antonio Express-News, January 12, 2003.