Gradebook: Exporting to a File Moodle ISU


The gradebook in Moodle ISU can be exported and imported using four different formats (open document spreadsheets, plain text file, excel spreadsheet, or XML file).  Grades can be recorded and calculated throughout the semester using Moodle ISU; however, final grades must be entered into Banner at the end of the semester.

This guide will help you to understand:

Exporting your Moodle ISU gradebook

The following steps will help you export your Moodle ISU gradebook to a file that can be saved to your computer or another local archive system.  It is important to save a copy of your grades for archive and record keeping purposes.  To export your gradebook:

  1. In the Administration block, Click on the Grades option.

  1. You can export your grades two ways, in the Administration block, Click on the Export option and Select the type of file you would like to create. You can also Click  on the Export tab at the top of the page to start the process.
  1. Open Document spreadsheet: Will export the gradebook and save it as a spreadsheet.
  2. Plain text file: is represented and edited by showing all the characters as they are present in the file. Most plain text files are currently used for programming and configuration.
  3. Excel spreadsheet: is a commercial spreadsheet by Microsoft and features calculations, graphing tools, and pivot tables.
  4. XML file: is a document that consists entirely of characteristics from the Unicode repertoire.

Note: The option that you select will be bolded in the work screen as a tab option.

  1. Select the Export Options:
  1. Include feedback in export: Most people will leave this unchecked. If you have feedback in the gradebook and want it included in the export, Check the box.
  2. Preview rows: Before downloading the file you will be shown a preview. Select how many rows will display on that preview.  
  3. Grade export display type: This is what will be exported – Real, Percentage or Letter.
  4. Grade export decimal points: This is how many decimals will be included for the grades.
  5. Export new or updated grades only: This is only available when the XML file is selected.
  6. Separator: This is only available when the Plain text file is selected. You can select whether you want the information to be separated by a tab, comma, colon, or semicolon.

  1. In the Grade Items to be Included Section you can select or deselect the items to be included in the export.

Note: You can also Click Select all/none to select all categories to be exported

  1. Click on the Submit button to advance to the Preview Screen.

Note: The Preview screen will give you a glance at the file before you download.  If you need to make adjustments, just select the file type under export and it will take you back to make adjustments.

  1. Click the Download button to download the exported file.

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