GLSA November 2011 Special Board meeting

A special board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall on November 19th.The following were present: Joe Lepley, Kent Davidson, PeggyJo Fortner, Harry Wahlquist, Carl Swanson, Carol Gertgen, Jerry Dock, Pat Biethon, Lisa Peery and Tom Plihal.

Also present: John Swanson.Dick Anderson and Chris Hector.

Absent: Jerry Doffing, Mike McNellis,Nancy Pattee Hector and Curt Conrad

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by President Joe Lepley

The September 2011 board minutes were reviewed and corrected as follows :  

Bylaws & Articles

Articles go to entire membership as amendments.

GLSA board changes-article  changes to go to Annual Meeting(2012)

a. Update lake name

b. Formal action of the board can be taken in lieu of a board meeting ,in writing or via email.

Harry moved and Pat seconded the  above changes to articles and bylaws..

1.Discussion to approach the area coordinators for new board members.

2. treasurers report-

$15,000 CD purchased. $11,000 in checking. A summary of exotic expenses was presented.    

A request was made to keep all picnic funds separate. Currently $ 4,200 in picnic fund.    

Of past donations,we have $50,000 with specific designation for exotics.    $100,000 in funds may be used  at the discretion of the board.     Inspections at the boat landing have etimated costs of $15,000. Carl is getting more information with help from the DNR.    

Accounting report will be as

1. designated funds(exotic and picnic)  2.general fund

3. PeggyJo- a membership newsletter will be going out in early 2012 with information about donations to the exotic fund and new picnic  information.

 4. Joe spoke to Roger Stradal, DNR Hydrologist for our area recently about the marsh and its impact on outflow from our lake.   Roger's position is that heavy cattail growth does impeed water flow through a marsh or in a streambed.   He cited several instances where he has seen lake and stream levels kept high due to heavy cattails.

Cattail management report by Kent and John Swanson:

options include cutting, spraying,sand blankets and fall mowing.    

Lake water levels:

August 3 at 1051.4 ,

November 4 at 1050.2 ,

November 17 at 1049.11 feet.

Audrey and Roger Stradal came out to meet with Dick and John. The cutter we used in the past is too large.  Audrey-not Roger would give us the permit for cutting. Roger stated that cutting is difficult. Audrey stated that herbicide treatment problem is that the root is present after spraying and how to apply is difficult. August to October is the best time  to treat. Lake Moses property owners signatures would be required.

We are assured that we can obtain a permit for 2012 to use a cutting machine for cattail management.

The unit  proposed is 1400 lbs,4 ft wide and 12ft long with a flat bottom and a front sickle bar adjustable from 5 to 10 ft wide and 5 ft deep. It is self contained and operated by 1 man and is  hydraulic/paddle driven. It has a 11hp motor and moves in 10 inches of water. A projected use is for 10-15 years.

A $1000 fee is charged for a trial demonstration . The cost of the unit in $21,500. $1,900 for trailer and $725 for a 5 ft sickle.It includes a 10ft rake.  Total cost is $24,125 plu tax.   It has a 1 year warrenty.Delivery is $1.75/mile. a  4700 charge for 400 miles. The $1000 fee would be  subtracted from the purchase price. Our current insurance covers liability when used on our lake. An annual $600 charge would occur if used at Lake Francis. If used at Francis a $1000 charge would be requested from Lake Francis Association. Kent or John would be the operators. J & J will service and store the unit. John and Kent would determine the criteria and parameters for a successful trail prior to purchase. We have 1500 ft to clear out with the 10 ft swat, Resulting debris will to also be removed.

Carl discussed the use of chemical application to control cattails.

Carl made motion to spend $1700 on the demonstration. John amended the motion - adding and if successful,propose to purchase if expectations are met, the executive board may approve the purchase. Motion seconded by Harry. All voted in favor of the motion.

5. Wake restoration- Kent will send out a member survey as to the slow speed no wake restrictions being endorsed by the GLSA board. A minority of members of GLSA felt the board overstepped authority as to boat speed/wake restrictions at high water levels,without member input. Input of members will be collected via this survey. We are hoping for an 80% approval for wake restrictions. John Swanson said the time is needed due to the DNR must first approve then the county to approve our wake restrictions.The sheriffs dept said

1. They must see violations to enforce and ticket offenders.

2. Markers must be permanently grounded.

   The meeting adjourned at 11am.

   Tom Plihal