WHAP with Mr. Duez                                                                                      Andrew Marr’s History of the World

UNIT 3 - Age of Accelerating Connections, 500-1500                                                            EPISODE 4 - “INTO THE LIGHT’

Do not write on this Class set: Put all answers on separate sheet. I would write out the question & answer so that you can study from them.

Marr’s Thesis: After the Roman Empire falls, the glories of the classical age are rediscovered. “Go Those Europeans!” Not quite.

Europe had been outclassed by the Muslim & Chinese civilizations.

It was only by learning & then profiting off of the misfortune of others, that Europe rose to power.

“Viking Connections”

1. How did links to Byzantium transform the new civilization of Kievan Rus?

“Islamic Learning”

2. Analyze the impact of classical Greek knowledge passing from the Roman-Greek world to the Islamic world & back again to Europe. How does the Islamic Empire experience a Golden Age, yet Europe in:“Dark Ages”?

“The Mongols - Exception to the Rule.”

3. In what ways did the Mongol Empire contribute to the globalization of the Eurasian world? How was it ironic that such a powerful & violent people could also promote advancements in trade, technology, & culture?

“Marco Millions”

4. How did the ‘stories’ of Marco Polo impact Europeans? (however inaccurate they may be)

“Mongol Expansion Brings DEATH”

5. What ‘dark side’ slowed down & tempered the impact of Marco Polo’s stories on Europe. What impact did he have on the lives of those who lived during this era?

“Mansa Musa’s REAL Millions”

6. In what ways were the African trading kingdoms able to create an impact on Afro-Eurasian trade? What was the impact of Mansa Musa’s gold?

“The ‘European Great Wall’ Falls”

7. Analyze the outcome of European city-states deciding not to send soldiers to defend Constantinople? What did they send? And why? Did that work on in the European’s favor?