SFA Game Night.

Saturday September 17th 2011. 5PM. One Wheelock.

Student Activities Fair.

Wednesday 21st September 2011. 4:30PM. Collis Common.

SFA African Potluck.

Saturday October 1st 2011. 7PM. Fahey/McLane Ground.

Congolese Artist Faustin Linyekula.

Wednesday October 26th 2011

4:30 PM - Talk, 7PM - Dance Workshop. An inspirational arts activist in the war zone.

Dinner Discussion.

Friday October 28th 2011. 6PM. Haldeman 125. Details soon!

Baraza Initiative at Columbia University, New York.

Fri-Sat November 4th-5th 2011

Mbele Africa Inter-College Students Convention.

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End Term Study Break.

Saturday 2nd December 2011.

Annual SFA Projects.

* Book drives with existing libraries in Africa.

* Videoconferencing systems with schools in Africa.

Operations in the works.

* Alumni and Graduate Student Network.

* Termly online publication.