There will be a sheet by the door. You are required to sign you child in every morning and out every evening. I will take attendance roll every day but this gives me a “2nd party check” to accompany my meticulous records.


Please dress your child season and weather appropriate. If it is fall or winter, please have him/her in long sleeve shirts and provide a jacket and/or coat. Shoes are worn in the classroom area at all times except nap time or for projects that require a barefoot. Shoes are NOT worn in the main living areas of my home. I have a strict no shoes policy in my house. Please make sure that your child is aware and comfortable being shoeless in my living areas (see house rules).


As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I am a Christian and very knowledgeable about varying denominations and other religions. There will not be any denominational favoritism and all religions will be respected. There will be daily bible lessons (we will discuss new and old testaments) and daily prayer.


I use time-out. The child will be asked twice to correct the issue and after the third request be punished by sitting in a time-out chair.  I believe firmly in explaining things (example: Instead of “Joe, stop leaning back in your chair. I will use “Joe, please stop leaning back in your chair because you can fall and get hurt” or instead of “Jane, stop spinning around the pole,” I would use “Jane, please stop. The pole is to hold the roof up it’s not to spin around”. I was once told by a great teacher (during a workshop) that if she wanted to get her class quiet: she would stand in the middle of the room and whisper something, and then her students would start to get quiet because they wanted to hear what she was saying. I found that this actually works! I do not yell at my students. Praise is just as important as discipline.


I will have regularly scheduled potty breaks and we will all go to the potty. Every child is unique when it comes to potty training. There is no right age to start, but most children begin showing signs of readiness sometime between 18 and 24 months of age. That is the age in which I will be taking them to sit on the potty. Unfamiliar locations can be a little intimidating, but with planning and patience, your child feel comfortable potty training here.  Being around other kids can even help motivate children to want to learn to use the toilet. Consistency needs to continue at home as well. I do not provide pull ups, diapers or wipes. Please send them with your child daily. And if your child has graduated to underwear, please provide extra underwear or pull-ups in their bag along with their clothes.


I will send home a folder (I provide) home every day. (The anatomy of the folder: front pocket-communication, sections-child info, school info, skills assessments, classwork, back pocket-take home classwork). You will receive frequent notes and calendars from me. You can also call, text or email me anytime, Please mark what you preferred form of communication is on the registration form.


I will NOT drive your children. It is something that feel very strongly against (personal story). See news blog for further information.


If for some reason you decide that your child isn’t going to come here anymore, please send a letter informing me of this with as much prior notice as possible. I need to be able to advertise and fill the position. I will not terminate care unless I have to move, felt that I could not provide adequate care to your child or your child was too violate to attend.


What ages are accepted? 6 weeks to 16 years.

Do I participate in Government Child Care assistance Programs? No.

How far in advance you need to schedule a single day session? Call or email a day in advance so that I may check and make sure that my schedule is clear and I won’t be going over my child ratio limit.

Can you see pictures of classroom and home prior to registering? Yes and No. I will send you pictures of the classroom. I will not send you picture of my home. My address and home pictures are not on this site for safety reasons. After your child is registered, first tuition paid and first class attended; then I will send parents a video tour of y home. I understand that it is very important to be familiar with your childcare providers facility or home that is why I offer (when possible) an orientation and guided tour prior to first day. I do not send the video tour until because I do not want to put my location or “home blueprints” in the “hands” of criminals.

What is the class ratio? 1 adult per 4-5 children

What if no openings? I will put you on a waiting list and call when an opening becoming available.

If you have any other question please contact me!e

Are there pets at my house? Yes. They WILL NOT  have any or extremely limited contacted (ex. while i put them up in garage from outside) with the children. Want to know more about the pets.. ask me!