Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

May 11, 2011


Phil Chase                                Jeanne Chase                                Andrea Wieder

Ann Goedde                                Mike Farruggio                        Scott Bandy

Susan Lee Foard                        Peggy King                                Hillary Bracken

Peter Whitehead                        Jessica Wenger                        Terri DiCintio

Peter Hedlund                                Dede Smith                                David Lee

Marilyn Swinford                        Mary Wilson                                Jack Wilson

Anja Andelic                                Tatyanna Patten                        Tom Bibb

Tim Wilson                                Inessa Telefus                                Alec Gosse

Adrienne Dent                                Tim Williams                                Genii Williams

Carol Hendricksen                        Jozo Andelic        


JPA/Cleveland Intersection

Alec Gosse

[material presented]


Historic Area Designation**

Terri DiCintio


JPA Bridge Update

Adrienne Dent

(00:20 – 00:30)

Other Business and Announcements

(0:30– 1: 17)

List for Town Hall Meeting (0:30-1:04)

Mike Farruggio


Announcements (1:04-1:10)

 (Matching neighborhood grants; Candidates Forum)

Mike Farruggio / Peggy King

Azalea Park Update (1:10-1:13)

Jack Wilson

Critical Slopes Ordinance (1:13-1:16)

Andrea Wieder

Announcement of Candidature for City Council (1:16-1:17)

Dede Smith

Meeting Adjourned

(times in parenthesis refer to the audio recording)

**Note: FSNA voted to support application for historic area designation for Fry’s Spring neighborhood.