Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name: Tim-Hinnerk Heuer

Permanent Resident and living in New Zealand since August 2001.

German born and citizen.

Contact Details

Mobile: +64 21 077 9289


City: Palmerston North, New Zealand

Relevant experience:



Work Experience


Working full-time for Landcare Research, New Zealand as a software engineer, specialised in Web GIS Development. Client and server side programming, especially PHP, Java and recently also Android native.

Projects include:

All the above require experience and extended knowledge of JavaScript and libraries like OpenLayers, GeoExt, ExtJS and JQuery as well as C, C++, PHP and Java in the backend.

Also, the above projects include a print module for maps, namely MapFish Print of which I am proud to be a committer ( , ). This happened after submitting numerous patches, which had to be approved by the community of MapFish developers. The MapFish Print module is written as a Java servlet. This should prove my strong programming skills in Java.

Working at Landcare Research, I've had the opportunity to visit conferences as outlined below and learn more about HTML5 and CSS3 as well as general design principles.

In 2011 and 2013 I visited FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for GIS) in Denver, Colorado and Nottingham, UK to learn more about technologies related to GIS (Geographic Information Systems). There I also met numerous open source developers with whom I'm collaborating on a regular basis now. FOSS4G is the biggest conference in its area, sponsored by companies like Google and ESRI ( ).

In 2013, at FOSS4G in Nottingham, I presented a paper in the form of proof of concept implementations of the proposed WMS-V standard to visualise geo-temporal data with HTML 5 videos (see National Possum Model).


Working full-time for Palmerston North local IT company Unlimited Realities (famous for their touch screen software on the new Dell touch screens: ) as a software developer/engineer in services to an Australian key client (DigitalDM).

Projects for DigitalDM include:

I maintained, debugged and enhanced these with new features. The portals were designed and engineered with me leading the projects in development, server admin and deployment.

Training/Conferences Visited



HTML5 Mastery: Semantics, Standards, and Styling


Contract Work


Part-time work for FWDMedia ( ), doing Web Development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS).

Half a year, part-time work for EFX (, doing Web Development (PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, CSS).

2006 (May - November):

EziSites Ltd. - Setting up Debian Linux servers (Network server administration).

University Project

2006: (not online any longer).

Project included learning Drupal CMS API and installation/administration of Drupal CMS.


feemanager module developed in PHP and user managed website with little intervention by web developer required (also see other modules I have contributed to on Drupal).

University Tutoring (not part of degree, as a part-time job)


Tutor for Introduction to Information Systems – HTML, MS Access, MS Excel (official).

Tutor for 'Algorithms and Data Structures' – Java (private).

Tutor for Discrete Mathematics – Graph Theory, Algebras, RSA Security Algorithm (used in all web browsers and SSH for key exchange) (private).

University Project (not part of degree, part-time job)

2004 (December):

Revespa ( ) – Content migration/re-purposing for and .

Around 5000 pages in total on those sites.

Tools used: Hyperwave CMS, Dreamweaver 2004 and BASH scripting for downloading/uploading approx. 2000 PDF documents which we were suggested to download manually.

Other (no contract, temporarily)

2002/2003 (2 months):

Website for ISRC (Information Systems Research Centre). Project was to query database for participants etc. in dynamic web pages (PHP). (no longer online)

Computer Skills

Programming Languages

Operating Systems

GNU Linux

Debian/Ubuntu Server Admin

Some experience with Puppet for large scale orchestrating deployment of software on servers.

Lots of experience with managing and servicing Linux servers, mainly Ubuntu and Debian, but also Red Hat, CentOS and Fedora. I've used these technologies throughout my career and also as a personal interest.


Database Knowledge

Other Software Familiarity

General Skills

Communication skills

Social skills



Other jobs


Shell petrol station cashier for 6 months on weekends in 2001 (Germany).


Manual labor for Expert Megaland (e.g. delivering washing machines)

and small (e.g. DiscMan, WalkMan) electronics store (Germany).

Other relevant information

Got a letter/invitation from the Mathematics department at Massey to study Mathematics as a major, because of results (A in Calculus, A- in Discrete Mathematics).

Have compiled own kernels on Gentoo and Ubuntu successfully.

Maintain own vserver (Ubuntu) for hosting web sites for friends and myself:

I have set up SSL, IMAP/POP3, Postfix, LAMPP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) and incremental backups on servers before.

Also interested in high-availability and load-balancing for Apache, MySQL and possibly other DBMS and web server technologies.

Have a laptop for on the move.


2002 - 2007

Massey University, Palmerston North

Bachelor's Degree in Information Science (with strong mathematical background).

Major: Information Systems, minor: Computer Science.

1994 - 2001

Ratsgymnasium, Rotenburg/Wümme (Germany)

Abitur (highest secondary school qualification in Germany, comparable with American college or New Zealand bursary).

Majors: Mathematics and History.

1992 - 1993

Eichenschule (Gymnasium), Scheeßel (Germany) high school.


Torrence (high school), Guelph (Canada).

1989 - 1990

Kantor Helmke Schule (primary school), Rotenburg/Wümme (Germany).


German primary school, Mogadishu (Somalia).


Kantor Helmke Schule (primary school), Rotenburg/Wümme (Germany).

1984 - 1986

American Kindergarten, Lahore (Pakistan).

Gymnasium in Germany is the most advanced qualifying school type, preparing for university.