2014-2015 Job Descriptions

THE CHIMES // advertising manager

Basic function and responsibility:

The Chimes advertising manager is responsible for raising all advertising revenue, sending out proof of publication, billing and placing advertisements into The Chimes newspaper and online. He or she also supervises the Chimes advertising representative in maintaining and soliciting advertising accounts for The Chimes and The Chimes Online. In addition, the advertising manager is responsible for adhering to The Chimes advertising policies, reshaping them when necessary. This person should be energetic, creative, persistent, organized and have excellent sales skills.


  1. Maintain all advertising revenue accounts.  This includes sending out proof of publication, billing and working alongside the Chimes business manager.

  1. Responsible for creating and adhering to The Chimes advertising policies. Keep those policies up-to-date through the Chimes media kit.

  1. Coordinate with business manager to make sure ad revenue is received and provide the editor-in-chief and business manager with advertising sales account summaries when asked.  

  1. Conduct or supervise annual study on Biola students’ spending habits and readership of The Chimes for advertising purposes, along with the advertising representative. Package information to present to potential advertisers.

  1. Set goals and strategies for the advertising department, and develop creative ways to meet those. Work with the advertising representative to meet the proposed budget per semester.  

  1. Work with managing editor to ensure that ads are available to be placed on pages before week begins.

  1. Select, help hire and train an apprentice in spring. The apprentice should work five hours a week under the current manager.

Supervision received: Chimes editor-in-chief, business manager, managing editor


General: Professional attitude. Task and detail orientated. Strong organizational skills. Familiar with the concepts of business-to-business marketing and advertising. Possesses a working knowledge of computer programs such as Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.

Education and experience: At the time of election or appointment, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a scale of 4.0, have completed at least one semester at Biola University with a full-time student status and currently be enrolled as a full time student. During the term of service, maintain the previously mentioned grade point average on a semester basis and maintain a full-time student status. Prior experience with marketing and journalism is strongly preferred.

Hours worked: 12 hours, 9 months