Team 15 2011-2012 Learning Action Table

“Smart is What You Do, Not Who You Are”

Nightly Routine

Check Ning each Night. Read new information.

Check Learning Action Table Each Night.

Have a family member, friend or teacher edit your reading letter each week.  

Complete homework.  Email Ms. Devlin with questions:




Due Friday 6/1

(Note homework for the rest of the year will include catching up on past That Quiz tests, completing endangered species reports and bonus work and reading.)

Endangered Species Bonus Items-create any of the following:

  • word finds
  • crossword puzzles
  • dioramas
  • wordles
  • animotos

Take U.S. Geography Tests a Second Time:

Test One: State Names

Test Two: State Capitals

Continents and Oceans - Bonus

Complete Math Test Codes -  see math codes (new codes have been added))

Complete your  endangered species research and written presentation, public service message and other bonus items.  Practice your presentation.  We will spend time in class working on this as well.

Use the links on this webpage to study for your States Day states and capitals test.  Also plan to wear a t-shirt with a USA state, city or place name.  States Day will be Friday, June 1.

Complete the paper/pencil states/capitals practice packet which will be handed out by Tuesday. There will be a states/capitals test on Friday.  It’s extra credit for those who memorize the song (see links above)

Independent Reading.

Important Dates

Dr. Sheffels Plate Tectonics Schedule

Mondays, May 21, June 4



11:15-12:00: Mike


Tuesday, May 22, May 29

8:50-9:35: Miriam

9:45-10:30: Maureen

10:30-11:15: Mike

11:15-12:00: May

Thursdays May 24, June 7


9:45-10:30: Mike

10:30-11:15: May

11:15-12:00: Miriam