Abiding Grace Lutheran Church LT Meeting

August 23, 2010

Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Patti Langsdale, Kim Saunders, Sue Dalbout, Dee Rose, Tim Draney, Carl Christensen, Kenn Mingus, Nick Billardello

Phil opened at 7:00 pm with devotion from Luther Seminary's "God Pause" at 7:00pm

Nick’s Compensation

Kenn and Phil proposed that we raise Nick’s compensation to $500 a week.  We want to recognize his contributions and as we grow, we need to be able to do this.  Sally suggested that we change his salary beginning August 29th.  This will be very instrumental into moving into a Congregation Under Development.  As a CUD, the congregation pays at least half of the Pastor’s salary.  All were in favor of this.

Lessons Learned II

We are out of nametags.   We would like the plastic covers that are more permanent.  Patti will look for these.  We could take the names from the people and have them typed up.  Kim will type up names into an Excel spreadsheet and send them to Tim

We will need more offering envelopes; Kim will look online for them.

Move the café to the other side of the gymnasium.

Are we ready for an Assisting Minister?  Kenn will have the processional cross in about 3 weeks.  To have a procession, we will move the font to the back.  Susie suggested moving a section of chairs to the side.  We can make the rows shorter and added another section.   We will have three rows of six chairs.  We will see if John will be the Assisting Minister on the 12th.  Sue also volunteered.  

Purpose Statement

Our purpose statement is “Helping the Community Share in God’s Abundant Grace”.  Kenn printed this on our business cards.  

Finance and Stewardship

Carl presented the financial report.  

We have approximately $30,000 given in 5 months.

ROSE Document

Phil has distributed a draft with financials projected for the end of the year and also for next year.  Phil will send this to the Stephen Kanouse at the synod after he makes a few changes.

Other Topics

Worship bags were used and the kids enjoyed them.  

Can we talk to Pat at the school to see if more storage is available?  There is a storage cabinet in the library that we can use for Sunday School.  Tim asked if we could buy a storage bin (4 x 8 feet) to put in the closet where the chairs are stored.  

We should be getting bibles for third graders.

Sunday School

Patti gave a report from the Education Task Force.  

Sunday School will be from 9:30am – 10:10am. Pat Mingus has volunteered to be Sunday School Superintendent.  

We are going to have 4 classes.

Rally Day - We will have a scavenger hunt.  Groups will be broken into 4 teams based on classes.  They will do a small team challenge, there will be a piece of a puzzle that when put together will show the purpose statement.  They will write this on a postcard and attach to balloon.  They need the launch team at stations.  There are many other games, such as shoes-two.

The two Sundays after Rally Day, the whole group will stay together and work on banners.  Coco Shuh saw the website and sent Patti some information on banners.  She has books on banners and wants to give us the books.  Adult class will work on red; 1st -6th class will work on blue, 2 - K class will work on purple; Jr. and Sr. High class will work on white.  The hope is that we will have someone with stitching skills will be with each group.   These will be able to be used as banners or altar/lectern vestments.

Nick asked if Sunday School has a budget.  There was $500 set aside for the website. This was more than necessary so we will move $400 to Sunday School.  The Adult Sunday School can do something with Acts – doing two chapters each week.

Nick has something for Jr. /Sr. high.

The 2’s – K class has lessons (using preschool notebooks from LW).  They will need supplies.

The 1st -6th class may need curriculum.  We may use a monthly topic with a rotational style where one week is the lesson, one is crafts, one is drama, etc.  They can do the drama during church.  October will be about Luther.  

Tim will design postcard for Rally Day.


Choir will meet immediately after the service.  Sue would like to sing the first time on Rally Sunday.


Piano Rollers

Susie wants a piano that will have rollers to make it easier to move.  Dee may have some rollers.  Patti will contact Tonya about the size of her piano to see if it is the same size as Dee’s.  The rollers that Phil priced were about $500.  


Tim brought logo samples.  He can get coffee cups with logos for $2.40 a cup.  We have to buy 140 cups and they will be different colors (not white).   We own the nine logos and picked the one we want to use on the cups.


Tim brought examples of postcard-type mailers. We want to attach them to helium balloons on Rally Sunday.    We had discussion on whether to mail postcards for Rally Day.  We will print enough postcards to mail to people we think are interested but not to those that we know will come anyway.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Sally suggested Café Express in Southlake Town Center.  You go up and order and then pay separately.  We will start at Café Express since separate checks won't be an issue.  

Business Cards

Kenn created some business cards with our purpose statement as well as our website address.

Newspaper Ads

Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Trophy Club all have space for church ads.  This costs $28 a week.  Phil asked if these are worth the money.  Nick mentioned that his generation doesn’t read newspapers.  Almost all households get these papers.  We decided to try it for a month.  Dee will call the newspapers.  

LW vote

Rev Jane Mar and Stephanie Varnum will represent the synod at the LWLC vote on 8/29.  Phil and Kenn will attend to support the synod.  They will hand out business cards to those interested.  


Membership at AGLC

We can join by affirmation of baptism.  Dee will look on synod website for membership informational form.  Nick will ask Calvary if they have a form that they use. We can hand out the forms on Rally Sunday.  Charter will be signed on the 19th.


Nick should submit mileage to the treasurer for reimbursement.  Nicks name was submitted to Christ the King in Haltom City.  He hasn’t heard from them.  We reassured him that we want him when we are a congregation under development.

Meet again – Thursday 2nd 7:00  

Sally went over worship assistants.

Closed in prayer at 8:55