Bus stop.

A pretty girl sits down next to a guy and smiles at him. He smiles back, impressed with her beauty. He tries to not stare, but keeps glancing at her legs.

He realizes she’s been trying to get his attention. He looks at her, sheepishly.

She points at him.

He points at himself: Me?

She shakes her head and points again.

He looks at his immediate surroundings. A cup of water. A book. A pencil. He offers each.

She rejects each impatiently with a toss of her head. She points toward his lap again.

He’s really confused and a bit concerned. He shrugs: What?

She grabs his arm and pulls them closer together so she can see his watch. His arm is now around her and she looks up toward him.

A moment.

Then she smiles and cuddles back into him.

He smiles.

The bus pulls up and then away. The bench is empty.