July 24, 2011

The Reel Deal reviews

Captain America - The First Avenger


Directed by:

Joe Johnston

The Rocketeer, Hidalgo, October Sky, Jurasic Park III & Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Written by:

Christopher Markus &
Stephen McFeely

Based on a story by

Joe Simon

Jack Kirby

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Which & the Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


Chris Evans

Stanley Tucci

Richard Armitage

Dominic Cooper

Toby Jones


Steve Rogers/Captain America

Abraham Erskine

Heinz Kruger

Howard Stark

Arnim Zola


Hugo Weaving

Tommy Lee Jones

Natalie Dormer

Sebastian Stan

Neal McDonough


Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull

Col. Chester Phillips

Private Lorraine

James “Bucky” Barnes

Dum Dum Dugan

IMDB Entry for Captain America: The First Avenger

Initial Reactions

  • Initially worried about Chris Evens as Captain America/Steve Rogers, but he delivered
  • If you don’t like having other the same actors show up in comic book movies, deal with it.
  • Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the X-Men live in a different “Universe” than the movies produced by Marvel
  • Eventually, those properties will come back to the fold

Standout Moments or Characters

  • Tommy Lee Jones can plays the prototypical tough guy and almost stole the movie
  • 1940s Manhattan was credible and that is high praise coming from a guy born and raised in Brooklyn
  • Chris Evans as the CGI skinny Steve Rogers was believable

Geek Nirvana

  • Noob wanted to see a direct reference to a young Nick Fury and would LOVE to see a Howling Commandos Movie
  • Hawyley Atwell is probably Noob’s favorite female lead in a comics movie (along side Natalie Portman)
  • Which Nick Fury was in the movie?
  • Normal Marvel Universe (616) Nick Fury is white who takes a serum called Infinity Formula to stay young
  • Ultimates Universe who was black and his father Jack Fury was in WWII (which most of the movies lean toward)
  • Cap’s shield looked great and if they put out a prop replica, most Alt3red Egos hosts, if not all, will buy one
  • Why is the first place Cap goes is to the USO?????
  • There is a ton of Captain America Mythology to chose from so what do you pick? Bucky
  • How cools was it to see the Nazi weapons based on real history Nazi documents
  • Where was Strucker and Baron Zemo? At least they had Armin Zola.
  • It has been setup. We are not ready for the Avengers in 2012!
  • All the Marvel Movies have had little crumbs that bridge the Movies together but this contained an actual Avengers Movie Trailer!!! Nice!
  • Uncle Glenn took the girls to see the movie and they loved it. Marvel is definitely doing something right.
  • Danielle and Marissa are down to for a Marvel Movie marathon a la Uncle Cuban!!!
  • Noob’s 16-year-old daughter has been bitten by the Marvel Movie bug
  • FAIL - Why the hell would you rehab Captain America in the modern world in TIME SQUARE IN NEW YORK CITY?!?
  • FAIL - Dialgue was really low in the theater where Glenn saw the movie.
  • Not a mark against the movie, but Theaters need to get their shit together!
  • To all the fans whining about the “True” costume, they can shut up and deal cause they got it in really life in all it’s rediculousness, Happy?

Easter Eggs

  • Original Human Torch at the world’s fair

Final Thoughts

Best Movie of the summer to date. Does Cowboys and Aliens have a shot to surpass that?

Stay tuned for Reel Deal Cowboys and Aliens on July 31st and then the Black Panther Animated Series Shotcast! on August 7th

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Combined Rating =  Low Midnight Release

Comics To Checkout

Captain America Omnibus - Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America

The Ultimates - Collected edition of the Ultimate Avengers which is the Marvel Universe of choice for the current crop of Marvel Movies

Marvel Masterworks Captain America - Captain America reprints the early Silver Age adventures of Steve Rogers in hardcover format.  

Captain America TP Captain -  Steve Rogers takes up a new identity as The Captain (Captain America #332 to 350)

Essential Captain America - A collected edition of 25 Captain America Issues reprinted in black and white newsprint (6 volumes)