(Pending Approval)

August 10, 2010

The Regular Meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM.

Present:  Commissioners Dugan and Nicolls, Fire Chief Stamper, Assistant Fire Chief Francis, Firefighter Pyke, Firefighter Fouts and Secretary Pellett.  Commissioner Fees was absent.

The minutes of July 13, 2010 were approved as written.

Treassurer’s Report:  Operating Fund balance $31,973.63.  Investment Fund balance $52,277.73.  Total bills $11,740.69.  Commissioner Dugan reminded that of the Operating Fund balance of $31,973.63, the final truck payment of $11,540 was made August 5, 2010.  No transfer of money.

Open:  None

Chief’s Report:

  1. July drills.  July 14 – Relay Pumping.  Good drill.  Instructor:  Gerry Francis on 1712, Larry Pyke on 1714, Tom Fouts on new tender and Mike Stamper.  Attendance: 12.  July 21 – Pediatric Emergencies on line.  Instructor Nancy White, 9 in attendance.  July 28 New map books from Anacortes Fire.  There are numerous errors which Anacortes Fire will correct and distribute new books.  Radio communications with instructor Gerry Francis and Mike Stamper with 9 in attendance.  Our department will also be getting a map book of Anacortes which will be put in the vehicles.  No July Off Island Training.  No Off Island training scheduled for August.  Recruit Academy:  Olivia Snell and Justin James will be attending in the fall.  Mike will be teaching a few classes.  2010 EMT Class:  Gerry Francis will be attending.
  2. Apparatus Committee.  July 26.  Discussion took place regarding completing the outfitting of the new Tender.  Also discussed the issues involved in acquiring 2912, a 1986 GMC pumper from Anacortes Fire Department.
  3. Officers Meeting.  August 2.  Discussed new tender, 2912.  Suggests taking another look at the engine from Anacortes Fire.  There will be 3 training drills.  The first will be wildland field trip to the top of the mountain.
  4. Calls.  July calls totaled 8.  5 medical, 2 fire, 1 hazard investigation.  Year to date:  29 medical, 0 water rescue, 9 fire, 2 mutual aid law enforcement, 3 hazard investigation, 1 MVA.  Total 44.  (Last year’s total 32)
  5. Department Events Planning.  S-215 Wildland Urban Interface Class September 18, 19, 25 & 26 at the Guemes Island Community Center.  Signup is starting.  Fall Safety Fair October 2.  Lori Stamper is arranging this event as part of her Senior Project.
  6. Administrative.  Policy Update – Nick and Mike still need to meet.  AFG Grants – SAFER Grant was rejected, apparently because we have more money this year.  MCI Drill is scheduled for August 28 at Fidalgo Elementary School.  Mike attended planning meeting on August 5th.  Final planning meeting on August 12.  Tabletop exercise at District 13, Station 1 on August 26.
  7. Mike went to the Burlington Fire Dept to look at their surplus.  Was able to obtain 6 box lights, 4 out of 5 are working, a portable monitor and a bunch of fittings.
  8. Edens Road will be raised 18”.  Sometimes the road will be one way, sometimes closed.

Old Business

  1. Guemes Connects Building – no information
  2. EMS Reimbursements is not in.

New Business

  1. Pumper 1711 recall.  Gerry advised it was an electrical problem.  The switch under the seat should be wired so the truck won’t start if the switch isn’t on.  The company sent a kit, the repair has been made and it does now work properly.
  2. Department Equipment – Commissioner Dugan reminded when equipment is borrowed from the department, it should be marked out on the wall.  Mike Gwost still has the cones.  Mike Stamper will take care of it.
  3. 911 Excise Tax is 50 cents now and will be 70 cents after 10-1-10, if county commissioners approved.
  4. South Shore Road Medical Run 8-4-10.  Discussion ensued regarding the run and how it was handled and how to avoid a problem again.  Anacortes Fire went around via Edens when they should have gone down South Shore.  Mike has talked with Anacortes Fire and they are posting the route to take in an emergency.  Our incident commanders will be instructed to always contact Anacortes paramedics and advise them to go direct on South Shore.
  5. Carol was instructed to contact the Treasurer’s Office for listing of payment dates and amounts for the new truck.
  6. Commissioner Dugan advised a long time solar panel expert advised our department should run the backup batteries down completely once in awhile.  Our department will contact Ian Woofenden and/or Outback to find out how the batteries should be managed.

Other Items Not on the Agenda – None

Commissioners reviewed the invoices from July 13, to August 10, 2010 and approved paying the total amount of $11,740.69.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.  The next meeting will be on September 14, 2010 at 7:30 PM in the Fire Hall.

Submitted by

Carol Pellett, Secretary


Commissioner Jack Fees, Chairman