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New Book Offers Exciting Glimpse into the Revolutionary Spirit of Burning Man

(August 2011) Joy. Creativity. Self-expression. Questioning authority. Pushing boundaries. Spirituality. Innocence. Kindness. All of these and more are captured and beautifully expressed through striking images in The People of Burning Man: Portraits of Revolutionary Spirits (August 2011) by author, photographer, and veteran Burning Man participant Julian “Supersnail” Cash.

This “Next Best Thing to Being There” book is a dazzling array of the hippest costumes and body paint, makers and performers, manifestos and magic, from the massive cultural event that attracts thousands of new participants every year. For almost a decade, Cash brought his professional studio out to the deep desert to attend and document the annual festival dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

Cash’s vibrant and iconic imagery features anonymous and veteran “Burners” alike, including Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey, The Cacophony Society’s famous Danger Ranger, the Father of the Modern Primitive Movement Fakir Musafar, Surrealist $teven Ra$pa, Temple Creator David Best, death-defying showman Dr. Megavolt, and Jerri Manthey star of Survivor and The Surreal Life.

Many of the most powerful images came from Cash asking his subjects, “How do you want the world to be different?” and then following up with “What image might transmit the idea and bring about that change?” Their answers led to many intelligent, funny, heartfelt and beautiful visuals that challenge the status quo.

The People of Burning Man exposes the soul behind the spectacle, showing us more than chic looks and outrageous antics, offering a hilarious and moving glimpse into the heart of a people. These portraits, as Cash put it “…are not about being contrary for the sake of it, naked for the naughtiness, irreverent to be rude. They’re about challenging the things you need to challenge, and following the rules you believe in, not just the ones you were told to follow.”

Burning Man’s joy of collaboration and spirit of radical self-expression infuse  every color-soaked page of this magnificent hardcover volume. Cash says: “More than anything, I hope this book will spread that joy in places and hearts that cannot, for whatever reason, visit Black Rock City and play in its streets.”

About the Author

Julian Cash aka Supersnail is the author/photographer of The People of Burning Man and a Burner since 1998. A darkroom photographer since the age of 12, he attended one of the finest photo programs in the country at RIT. He’s also an illustrator, cartoonist, programmer, and enjoys project management.

The People of Burning Man

August 2011 – ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-615-46954-6

Hardcover • 209 pages • $34.99

Images © Julian Cash 2011