Instructions for your silent reading books (you will read two per semester):

1. Read two books of your choice (it may NOT be a book that we read as a class)!

It also may not be any of the Hunger Game books, The Game of Thrones (books one and two), The Maze Runner, The Giver or Divergent or anything by John Green.

2. “Sell” your book to your classmates. When presenting, or writing, use the following elements:

One book will be presented in class. For that you must make your book talk appointment online at Lahaise’s Lair.  I suggest you make your appointment in advance as ONLY two people may present each day and the spots fill up quickly.

One book will be presented on your blog, and This I call a SSR Fat paragraph. Please note that if you are in a class that does not have blogs (i.e. 8th grade), you will only submit your fat paragraph to When you have posted it on your blog fill out this form so that I know it is there.

You are required to read and present two books per semester. Although once you are done meeting the minimum requirement it doesn’t mean that you stop reading during silent reading (SSR) time!

Keep in mind:

As an alternative to the in class book talk (if you absolutely refuse to present in class) you may choose to make a video book talk. If you do this all of the instructions are the same except: