Service Learning Journals

After each visit, you must write a detailed, reflective journal entry (approx. 2-5 pages each time) that will provide the substance from which you can construct your Final SL Project. While you should write freely about your experience, you must address the following cultural competency prompt at some point during the semester.

The culturally competent teacher communicates in ways that demonstrate sensitivity to sociocultural and linguistic differences, using a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that encourage positive social interaction and support learning in their classroom.

How have you (or the classroom teacher) communicated in ways that demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to cultures, languages, and other sociocultural characteristics if these students? Be specific in telling stories about the successes and struggles around cultural communication in this classroom.

In your journals, feel free to express your anxieties and concerns as well as your excitement and successes — a detailed record of these events and emotions will help you produce a thoughtful and detailed Final SL Project. Use the journal to tell stories about your experience, to explain what you do and what you see, and to reflect on how this experience connects to our course texts and themes. You should try to tie in course themes and readings in your journal when they seem fitting. Most of the feedback you receive on the journals will be peer-generated, but please keep all journals together so that you can hand them in with your Final Report for me to look over. Journals can be (neatly) handwritten if you double-space the writing, or typed.